Missing Man Identified, and Cause of Death Determined

Friday night at around 9:30 pm a California man has been identified in Alaska where he was found dead in a bus on the far northern side of Denali National Park by his family members and many of his friends he made while traveling from place to place. The name the police just released is Christopher Johnson McCandless – Chris McCandless or as he told many of the people he met, Alex Supertramp.

Chris was born in California and never liked staying in one place.

He was curious at a young age and wanted to know everything. He later read a book about the Wild and decided to donate the money his parents gave him after graduation to an organization called OXFAM. Where they worked to quit hunger.

He then left his home shortly after and traveled around. He occasionally came back to visit but one day he never did. He had traveled to Alaska once before he went back and never came home.

After he left to travel around the US he cut himself off of his family and traveled without a vehicle for the most part he hitchhiked around. His goal was to get to Alaska and live in the “bush”. He followed a trail called the Stampede Trail and found an abandoned bus and decided to set up camp. He lasted a little more than 100 days before dying of what ultimately was starvation.

Later a man by the name of Jon Krakauer who was intrigued by this and decided to do some research.

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He found that Chris was eating wild potato seeds. He originally thought that he got that seed with another sweet pea seed that is extremely toxic and deadly but later found that, that was not the case. He did some more digging and found out that he didn’t get mixed up with the two seeds but that the wild potato seeds had been growing mold because he left them in a plastic bag and that is what made them dangerous and deadly. They learned that even if he ate food his body wouldn’t put it to good use and he would starve anyways. He would’ve survived if he knew this but since nobody did it really wasn’t his fault.

His family members especially his biological sister is crushed. She loved him and he loved her, they had a loving relationship and even through all the family drama she stayed by his side. His parents loved him dearly despite him leaving and never talking or sending them cards on his travels.

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