The missing link - Five surveys Rocco Schiavone by Antonio Manzini Review

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The following sample essay on with four very different criminal cases dealing Rocco Schiavone in this volume. The fifth story introduces him perhaps diffizilste task, although it is not even parked illegally. But that of all the capricious, to compile Grass consuming vicequestore a football team and train, is simply laughable. But the annual charity tournament between the police station and the court is approaching, and Rocco’s chef holding beinhart fast to the tradition and his coaching choice. How Rocco strives to merge his people of extremely divergent potential to a team and make them fit (where the result is nevertheless already fixed …), a pure pleasure is (for us).

In the second history – the I liked best – driving Manzini contrasts to the extreme and his protagonist immediately afterwards. Ironically, he has to spend a night in an uncultivated mountain cabin in four thousand feet. The scenes up there, nature and landscape descriptions are great. The other three stories take naturally to Schiavones new Location Aosta, where he often unconventional means or despite his team but successful work guaranteed.

In a cemetery a grave is double occupied surprising in the high-speed train Frecciarossa must be a jewel thief three hundred passengers are identified under before they get all, and in a small mountain church a harmless hermit is slain. All this tells Antonio Manzini on highly entertaining way, which is characterized by sharp dialogues of his quick-witted protagonist, irony, diverse characters and a straight action guidance – in between always surprising contemplative, poetic observations and considerations.

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It is never boring. Manzini veteran fans At this band as their joy have as beginners. The space of the stories is to be limited see (between forty and fifty pages), and sufficient but to the difficult nature of the unique commissioner with his broken character and his obscure biography. Raised in the Roman problem Trastevere district and avid Roman city dweller, he was previously demoted a few months into the backwoods Aosta where it all is foreign and hated the cold, the rain, the snow, the mountains and the strange inhabitants, including several tumber employees of his department , In desperation, Rocco makes his Grant run wild, lays hands in tone, is ever violent, does not care about rules and finds peace only when he smokes one or the other bag.With the dark side of his soul contrasting humor, self-irony, sense of justice and the sure instinct of a good cop. If he suspects corruption or smugness, repression or discrimination, it can carry the cold rage. The figure is undoubtedly an angle and perhaps covered in their nonconformity, but the bottom line is sympathetic, human, and with the heart in the right place.

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The missing link - Five surveys Rocco Schiavone by Antonio Manzini  Review
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