Link Between Poverty and Education

Poverty is getting worse and worse every year and it is due to educational problems that people encounter in their life. According to, “Receiving a high-quality education, from a highschool diploma to a college degree, is on way to escape the cycle of poverty because it helps people obtain jobs that pay more than minimum wage.” This quote is basically explaining that if you have managed to obtain a high school diploma then you can make more than $7.25, which is the minimum wage.

Some reasons that people will drop out of school include drug use, not enough attention from their parents, health issues, etc. Parents that don’t have a high school diploma and have a kid often cannot take care of their kid very well, meaning the kid will often develop cavities, and other health issues that they can’t help. Kids that grow up with parents that associate with drugs have a higher chance of using drugs when they get older, which can lead to being a high school dropout and eventually living in poverty.

According to (Amidon, Marcia. Essential Issues(Poverty). 2010.) “Nearly ½ of the world, more than 3 billion, live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty, less than $1.25 a day.” Even in the womb kids will struggle to even get the nutrition that they need because of the parents not being able to eat the right things and maybe considering drugs instead, which obviously isn’t good for the child.

Even developing language isn’t the fastest for children living in poverty as they wont get the right amount of schooling they need.

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Say the kid living in poverty doesn’t go to school enough as a kid that doesn’t live in poverty, the kid that lives in poverty is only going to have around 800 words in their vocabulary compared to the kid that went to school, which will have an average vocabulary of around 1,200 to 1,300 words.

One of the main reasons of the schooling system is not only to help kids learn and progress their education, but also to prepare them for citizenship and while being in poverty “These conditions block participation in the activities of citizenship by poor youth and their families, compared to wealthier citizens. Thus, the poor are not well represented in the discussions that affect their economic and social lives.”, which is basically saying that poverty is restricting the kids and youth from actually seeing what the world is actually like and what it is like being a citizen of the United States. If a child grows up in an environment that is not well cultured or doesn’t have the right people in it, then the child will tend to have a rather hard time escaping the cycle of poverty.

Obstacles to success usually start when the child, or children, grow up in a family that makes minimal income which can lead the child to not getting enough attention from their overworked parents that get home late, which can cause the child to watch way too much television which is not only bad for their eyes, but it can also get the child out of shape, all of this problem’s can lead to a failure of their brain being developed.

Schooling can also be a big issue for children and teenagers that are living in poverty as well. According to (Amidon, Marcia. Essential Issues(Poverty). 2010.) “Poverty may affect the child’s ability to even get to school in the morning and to stay enrolled in the same school throughout the year. Poor families may be forced to relocate frequently to find better employment.” Other reasons why the family would have to move include, being evicted, not paying bills, etc… all these issues can force the child or teenager to change schools which often tends to be rather disruptive and not good for their mental health and social skills.

A lot of schools fund off of property taxes which basically is the tax that you pay in your community for the value of your home, for example if you live in a low-income house and live in not such a good house then it makes the property taxes low which leads to the school not getting a lot of tax money, so the school may not have a library or playground or any enrichment classes like band, art, or even physical education.

“If you are apart of the ⅔ of students that can’t read by the end of the fourth grade then chances are you will end up either in jail or being on welfare”.

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