The Burnt by Antonio Ortuño Review

The following sample essay on The Burnt by Antonio Ortuño. The current refugee debate has shown us, what incredible dimensions the phenomenon flight has reached world: nearly sixty million people have left their homes and are traveling to somewhere to find a better life (according to the report of the UN refugee agency UNHCR 2014). In the catchment area of ​​Europe Syria is the exodus country Nos. 1 and Germany the most desirable destination. In America, most people from Colombia, Ecuador and the Central American countries Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala flee towards the north to make their way to the United States.

For those who rely on the land – tens of thousands every year since 2014 propagated unaccompanied minors – is weeks and months on the road, on foot, in buses or on the roof of freight trains. The feature film “Sin Nombre – train of Hope” (2009) shows how things go on this trip. Day and night must each passenger with robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder count because gangs, local gangster groups and organized crime to operate freely in the pull-through ends.

The most difficult stretch is the crossing Mexico. Here often not waiting less than hell.

A freight train with barred wagons full of Illegal – women, men and children – rumbles through southern Mexico northward. Police and gang members escort him. Anyone who has not paid the traffickers enough has to make do with a place on the dangerous swaying roof or cling to the side linkages. Stops to the people to allow the performance of their necessities, are not provided.

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At most stops when the supervisors will descend upon the desire to rape a few women or girls. When the guards on one such occasion foolishly forgotten to lock the doors again, a group of half a hundred managed to escape. Exhausted and dehydrated they collectively reach the small town of Santa Rita.

There you inform the immigration authorities and then quartered refugees provisionally in a detention center until the agency chief his decision, what will become of them felled. He needs the trouble but no longer to make, because celebrate while the situation Range Presented a glittering party with dancing, tequila and raffle, which firmly barricaded accommodation along with the sleeping in migrants is burned off.

Forty dead and a dozen injured it’s difficult to sweep under the table. The horrific crimes must be informed officially. The National Committee for Migration (NKM) issued a press release. It was a “continuing obligation to protect human rights of every human being, especially the families cross the Mexican soil”. They will do everything “to deal equally with the needs of survivors such as those of relatives” is. All costs for travel, hospital, later therapy and funeral would just taken over as one which entered into force development program. One speaks his regret.

On behalf of the Government an employee of NKM from the capital Mexico City travels to. Irma, who calls himself “La Negra”, has completed a degree in Sociology and is a single mother. With her daughter she applies a white bungalow in a residential community. While the girl visited the nearby school, the mother makes from the morning until the afternoon office work ( “I hierarchical death”) and tries to learn something about the background of the attack.

But while they also applies, they only met with rejection. Police and location Range Featured are no help to know supposedly nothing to say. come close to the survivors succeeds neither; the overwhelming fear of the traffickers, the authorities, the police, are sent back silences people. Only the interrogations that leads them to the young Yein, Irma give hope to break a small hole in the wall of silence that it has to face. The twenty year old has lived through during the long journey unimaginable before she could barely escape a fiery death in Santa Rita. She knows more details about perpetrators and forth movements, as she dares to betray La Negra.

The causes of the atmosphere of fear that Irma’s investigation runs into nothingness, are sufficiently well by the media coverage also with us known. For decades, crime and government agencies have entered into an unholy alliance in Mexico. Powerful drug cartels and criminal organizations free to do what they want: drugs, weapons, people smuggling, kidnap girls and force them into prostitution, another fight each other, get their way by brute force, harass civilians. Because the police and judiciary were committed by favors or are not directly involved in profit and influence crimes are not solved, not pursuing perpetrators. The corruption reaches into the highest offices in the country.

What role does the average citizen like in this system likely to play? Perhaps Irma’s ex-husband, a teacher, not an isolated case. He does not mix with itself, is not corrupt, but opportunistic. He is thoroughly poisoned by frustration and impotent hatred of the conditions at his school, on the independence with which his wife is on the corrupt Mexican society, to the illegal immigrants who only increase the evil and on themselves. This he wears well its small part to obtain the large building at: by an illegally holding Registered rice for lower services in his apartment, and the lower middle class benefits from the general lawlessness and supports them with it. His sarcastic tirades against everything and everyone – fragments of the staff room conversations -. Supplement sold in italics, again the action transition

Under these fatal circumstances Irma’s efforts to light are to be brought into the darkness of Santa Rita, from the beginning to fail sentenced undesirable basically. What happens to the stranger, as they suffer, the shears anyone. Rather, one wants to return as quickly as possible to normality. But more, much greater crimes such as the massacre of hundreds of Central Americans near the capital, attracts public attention away from Santa Rita. The NKM appeased with new announcements, the formulas of sympathy and boastful announcements are nothing but hollow boilerplate phrases, an almost cynical approach of the state with his people.

Irma but can not be put off. Despite open resistors and growing dangers they committed to bold, to protect the remaining refugees and to bring those responsible to justice. Who want to not put up with it, and so the killing continues until Irma and her daughter are in line.

Bitter sarcasm, plus an unusual, captivating speaking style, a lively structure and the diversity of voices drawing Antonio Ortuños crime from. What he expects of his readers drastic descriptions, not everyone will cope. Such uncompromising depictions of abuse, exploitation, humiliation, rape, mutilation, killing as in this book, you rarely read.

And yet oversubscribed Ortuño the reality of his country in any way. The reality caught up with the fiction, as on September 26, 2013 Iguala, Guerrero, 43 indigenous students disappeared and later some were partially burned bodies in a mass grave close by found her. If there is a hell on earth, it is perhaps in Mexico.

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