Eva Smith Cause of Death and Character Analysis

Mr Arthur Birling, a selfish and opinionated man, who is concerned to a great extent for his stature, and well being. Plays a big part in the death of Eva Smith. As he is the one who begins the tragic downfall of the young girl. Mr Birling’s decision to discharge Eva from his industry, only leads to a chain of events. I think that if Mr Birling had never of sacked Eva Smith then, all of the other incidents which followed, would never of happened.

The reason for the sacking of Eva Smith is because she asked for slightly higher wages.

Mr Birling, being a selfish man, decided that this was insulting, and so discharged her. Leaving Eva Smith wandering the streets, and looking for a new job. All this information is cleverly discovered with the help of ‘INSPECTOR GOOLE’. He uses a photograph, which is only shown to Mr Birling, to remind him of the girl whom he had sacked.

This left no choice for Mr Birling, but to issue the story, as the straightforward questioning of the Inspector was to provoking. After hearing this Sheila Birling (daughter of Arthur Birling), felt very sorry for Eva Smith, and started to have a go at her father.

Why Did Eva Smith Kill Herself

Inspector Goole then cuts in and quickly tells the family, what then happened to Eva, after she was discharged from Mr Birling’s company. Sheila’s part to blame in the downfall of Eva Smith, is also due to selfishness.

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Eva Smith had just found a new job at a department store, in which Sheila regularly visits. Sheila blackmails the store manager into sacking Eva from her job (again). The reason for Sheila to do this is because Eva Smith looked better in a hat. As Sheila was trying the hat on, she caught a glimpse of Eva smirking. This lead to Sheila complaining, and threatening the manager, that she was not going to shop at the store again.

Which left the store manager no choice, but to sack young Eva. This unhappy outcome for Eva Smith is down to pure jealousy. I do not think that Sheila’s part to play was as bad as her father’s, I will explain why in my conclusion. Take note that the inspector did not show Sheila a photograph of any sort, he used clever quotes to provoke her into confessing. The inspector then tells us that Eva Smith after leaving Milwards changed her name to ‘Daisy Renton’. Immediately Gerald showed a change in presence when that name was mentioned.

The inspector pressurises Gerald by immediately asking him,’When did you first get to know her? ‘ Gerald then tries to act innocent but knows that it won’t work, so he then tells us his encounter with the new Daisy Renton. Gerald was incredibly nice and charming to Daisy, but after a short period of time he breaks her heart by leaving her. This incident is partly to blame because he leaves Daisy miserable and alone again. Which makes her begin to wonder if her life is worth living. The inspector then continues his investigating, bringing in Mrs Birling, who works for a committee, where they help people with problems.

Eva Smith (Daisy Renton) asked for help, but her problem was turned down, by Mrs Birling, due to Eva changing her name to Mrs Birling. The story behind the changing of Eva’s name was completely due to Eric’s involvement. Eric (Mr Birling’s son), was to blame for Eva Smith’s death in a big way. He accidentally impregnated her, which was to effect her drastically, because Eric just like Gerald cowards off, leaving her money, stolen from Mr Birling’s company. Eric’s involvement was before Eva asked Mrs Birling and her organisation for help. But the turning down was the final straw for Eva Smith, Daisy Renton and the newly named Mrs Birling.

So she killed herself, which was obviously due to the Birling family’s involvement. Conclusion: ‘Who’s mostly to blame? ‘ is the question I have investigated on. And my final decision is that Mr Birling, Mrs Birling, Sheila, Gerald and Eric, were all to blame for the tragic death of Eva Smith. But if it wasn’t for Mr birling discharging Eva from his company, then none of the other incidents would have followed. So I feel that Mr Birling was just slightly more to blame than any of the others, but that does not mean that the other culprits should get off lighter.

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Eva Smith Cause of Death and Character Analysis
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