The Controversial and Heated Debate over the Universal Healthcare Under the Obama Rule

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The debate of universal health care has raised many issues within both houses, while republicans have issued a statement claiming that President Obama’s health care plan borders on blatant socialism, democrats have other ideas about the universal health care plan. Democrats claim that the health care plan provides much-needed health coverage to underprivileged Americans who cannot afford decent health care. Currently, the average number of Americans who do not have medical coverage skyrocketed to 45 million late 20087early 2009. Some members in both the Democratic and Republican parties stand by the idea that With free health care medical professionals can concentrate on healing the patient rather than on insurance procedures, and malpractice liability.

But other members within the parties believe that with free health care people who have never had any type of medical issues or illnesses still have to shoulder the taxes even though they have never spent a day in the hospital.

Government-controlled health care would lead to a decrease in patient flexibility, at first glance.

it would appear universal health care would increase flexibility. After all if the government paid for everything under one plan. you could in theory go to any doctor. However some controls are going to have to be put in to keep costs from exploding. For example would be “elective” surgeries such as breast implants. Wart removal hair restoration. and Lasik eye surgery be covered? Then you may say that‘s easy make patients pay for elective surgery although some procedures are obviously not needed.

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Who decides what is elective and what is required? What about a breast reduction for back problems?

What about a hysterectomy for fibroid problems? What about a nose Job to fix a septum problem caused in an accident? Whenever you have government control of something you have one item added to the equation that will most definitely screw things up in politics. Suddenly every medical procedure and situation is going to come down to a political battle. Compromises that result will put in controls that limit patient options. The universal system in Canada forces patients to wait over 6 months for a routine pap smear, Canada residents Will often go to the us or offer additional money to get their health care needs to be taken care of.

This debate has fueled the now infamous YOU LIE comment that Republican Joe Wilson commented to President Obama when the issue of immigrants receiving free medical care was presented to President Obama he elaborated on the issue that NO illegal immigrant would receive any type of free medical coverage. The issue was investigated and found to be debunked of any validity. Universal health care has passed one house. but will it make it through the other? Will the fears of a nation of people have to carry the weight of freeloading Americans who refuse to get off their butts. Work a normal job for a change and not constantly milk the American tax payers of their hard-earned money? Only time Will tell.

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