Universal Healthcare Should Be Available to All United States Citizens and Not Required to Purchase

Out of 34 countries, Mexico and The United States are the only members of the Organization for Economic Co—operation and Development (OECD) who do not provide their citizens with Universal Healthcare, Proponents of the right to healthcare say that no one in the richest nation on earth should go without health care. They argue that a right to health care would stop medical bankruptcies, improve public health, reduce overall health care spending, help small businesses, and that health care should be an essential government service.

At the beginning of 2014, it became mandatory to have health insurance otherwise you would be penalized and have to pay a pretty significant fee. Should this be a federal or a state government issue? Universal Healthcare should be available to US citizens, not required to purchase, they should feel invited to make sure that they are covered medically, which would include services like psychiatric therapy, dental, substance abuse, radiation therapy, naturopathic services, etc.

Overall, everyone would get the chance to better their well-being by taking away or substantially decreasing the cost of healthcare.

It will provide more than just the basic treatments for clients, by doing this, we could save millions of lives each year and the polls would prove it. If someone were to wish to have more coverage with more services and health opportunities, then they would upgrade or buy a more advanced plan to fit their needs. Although universal healthcare sounds amazing and flawless, there are some potential downfalls of this proposition. What comes with a higher clientele income are things like lower quality and availability for disease scanning and treatment, which could lead to an increased waiting time, and could end up counteracting the amount of lives we are trying to save.

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Socialism is also a concern, in which the United States Government were to control not only goods and services but also what happens to our bodies. Also, the national debt would continue to incline, as the government would pick up the tab. All in all, Universal Healthcare should be available to all, but not required, at a very low price. We have a right to better our wellbeiug. We should have the right to seek medical help regardless of our financial situation. It should be state governed and publicly/privately owned, in which the FDA and finances would be the only things coming from the government. We tend to forget that the United States is more thanjust a country, we are a very large community that must support one another, locally and state to state. Even though there are many downfalls that come along with bringing a mandatory bill to the public, representatives and senators such as the ones we put into office should be able to accommodate and solve problems such as these.

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