Michelle Obama First Speech

The real sender is President Obama. One of the main reasons for that is from the line where she says “you guys and students like you across America are at the heart Of one Of my husband’s most important goals as President. ” She is delivering a message that the President is thinking about the future of the country and one of his main goals would be to make the school system better especially when it at this time is so proven that it is going backwards.

So the sender is President Obama presented by his wife that can assimilate to these young students, by telling them how she was dealing with her school time witch was not easy. The receiver The receiver of this speech is made to the students but also to the parents off hose students, by telling them that even if these students are not the richest youngsters in the country they can still make it, if they just have the ambitions for it.

In the speech she told the students that she had to go across town to study and that her family were not rich or educated.

Speech Of Michelle Obama

This sentence stayed in my head, because this was the message to the parents that they should push their kids to keep on studying, the students also received the message that even if life is tuff on them now they could become what they wanted to, if they just set their mind into it.

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The purpose My opinion is that this speech, even when it is told in a classroom and in front of students it is a campaign move from the Obama camp. Because the President, when he came to power, made a plan that by 2020, 2/3 of the jobs in the US are going to be needed to employed by people with a higher education then a high school diploma.

This plan has widely been criticized because a lot of people think it is a goal set too high. One of the other purposes of this speech is like the first lady pointed out, that in the couple of decades the country has slipped from being the highest country with educated people to a 12th place in the world. And if this goes on it could be devastating for the country. This is also an attack on the prier leadership of the country that made the faults that made the country slip school wise. Ergo she and the President would turn it around and make America one of the best school in the world and get back to it’s right place.

The first lady is also giving the students the message that they need to take responsibility in the ambitions to become the best. Because whatever the state and the school dc they can not do anything if the students do not think higher of them self and rye to better them self. She also talks about from her own personal life when teachers told her that she were setting her sights too high, and that she cool( not get into one of the best schools of America, Princeton. This is a problem well known in America that teachers do not believe in their students, especially in the lower class of the population.

This speech that the first lady gave, did really give me doubts about how real it was, even with the first lady talking about her own personal experience, she gave too many hints that it was politically motivated. She talked a lot about the pressure that the lower lass of America is experiencing today, with not having enough energy to complete their education, and not stopping after high school. And that even i they come from a humble family they should break out of their social patter and become something bigger even if their own teachers doubt them, that should just encounter them for doing it more.

She also says that if the students do not take responsibility it will become tuff, no matter what the state does to help them on their way, that the country slipped from a first place in the world to a 12th place in the educational world, for me is like ling that the hold country has slipped and not only the school system, because as we know America has in the couple of years really been pressed by other states in the world as head leaders like China, Russia and Brazil.

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Michelle Obama First Speech
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