Chemistry is the science that interests me and the science that I feel the most efficient doing so I thought, to have a career that incorporates science and helping others would be the most appropriate for me. I quite enjoy exploring new things in the scientific world and if I had a degree that would allow me to do that in a daily basis then I wouldn’t feel bored with my work.

The skills that I have acquired from studying sciences, such as accurately carrying out practicals’ and having a keen eye on detail to observe the reactions that are occurring to make accurate observations.

They have also taught me to be patient and independent with my work therefore I am able to make decisions and problem-solve. Having numeracy and literacy skills have allowed me to adequately write and illustrate data from experiments to their given standards. They have allowed me to develop my analytical skills so that in the future I can analyse a situation accurately and promptly.

During summer I did a work experience in my community pharmacy, this enhanced my knowledge of the work that a pharmacist does and it got me fascinated. Even though I want to work in a hospital, this gave me an idea of their job role. The patience and empathy that they show towards patients really attracted me to their role. By shadowing them I learnt the importance of effective communication, otherwise their job could get difficult because they wouldn’t be able to give the accurate medication.

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I am a head prefect in school, this role has enabled me to become a role model to other students and bring a sense of responsibility to my life which I think will be very useful in the future. I really enjoy being a prefect because I feel important in the school environment. This opportunity has enhanced my communication, team-work and management skills. I have taken part in the British Biology Olympiad which was a great experience as I got to explore the wide range of biological topics through an online test and it made me realise the variety of career pathways that are open to me. Although the test was very difficult I was awarded a certificate, where they commended me for the performance that I showcased.

I was part of a student outreach programme which focused on homelessness and as part of the programme we had a sleep out fundraiser event where we experienced the reality of people who are actually homeless. I chose to do this because I came from a country where nearly a quarter of people are lying on streets without a roof over their heads and I have always wondered what kind of struggles they go through. Through this group activity I developed my skill in team-work and it also allowed me to open my eyes to the surroundings and help out more in my community. I have also done some volunteering in my local Marie Curie charity shop which has enabled me to increase my customer service, numerical, interpersonal, team-work and communication skills. It has also allowed me to have an insight into how they give back to the community. Even though it was for a short amount of time I got to experience a lot of love and warmth and I hope to spread that through my job and fill everyone with happiness.

I have a part-time job in a restaurant as a waitress and this has allowed me to meet and interact with different types of people while improving my team-working skills and my communication skills. By having a job, I am exposed to a new environment, forcing myself to come out of my comfort zone and actually get a taste of work life, I think this is so beneficial for me in the long run.

Some of my hobbies include singing, dancing and reading. These activities allow me to succeed in competitions that I take part and it also gives me a break from my studies. I also enjoy practicing yoga as it helps me to focus and concentrate more on my studies. I also see it as an exercise along with swimming where I am getting into shape and reinforcing my inner and outer confidence.

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