The influence of life experience on the choice of profession

The following sample essay on “The influence of life experience on the choice of profession”:  in my school, was a young woman who used to work in cafeteria and was popular among students for her kind behavior and delicious sandwiches. Naz and I became acquainted over the years and used to discuss her struggles in life from being a caring mother to her concerns for her sons education. Everybody used to miss her when she would take the days off from work which was quite often due to her epilepsy.

She used to go to different doctors but her seizures were not well controlled. Those days I used to question myself about the effect of her medical condition on her already difficult economic and social life. I would ask myself what support could have improved her health which would bring a positive effect on her whole family.

During my intern year in the USA, I observed many patients like Naz in neurology clinic who were being managed on an optimal regimen with good control of their seizures.

I observed firsthand the positive impact of patients well-being on their social and family life. I remember a 47 years old female who I saw in the neurology clinic for seizures with no recurrence in last 10 months since the time she started to follow with neurology. It gave back her confidence and freedom. I will never forget satisfaction and smile on her face. She also volunteers now her free time for epilepsy support groups to help other people to go through the difficult time that she had to face as well.

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Through such amazing experiences with patients in neurology clinic, I have rediscovered my interest for neurology. I have personally observed the happiness and satisfaction which I can bring in the patients lives. Neurology is also a mentally challenging subject which appeals me. Sometimes diagnosis of neurological diseases takes weeks to months and a host of imaging tests. A comprehensive and ongoing analysis and testing is required to diagnose the diseases which sometimes have no obvious connection between somatic symptoms and underlying neurological issues. It gives me joy to develop a strong foundation of analytical skills to localize neurological lesions and diagnose neurological disease.

To become a great neurologist, it needs more than a strong foundation of knowledge and excellent analytical skills. I recognize significance of educating patients and communicating with their families about their illnesses which give me in turn an opportunity to become an effective teacher. Most patients can have a normal life and maintain their dignity and self-worth, reflecting the significant importance of symptomatic treatment.

I now acknowledge that certain life experiences had made me uniquely prepared for neurology even before I understood the significance of this amazing field. Growing up with my siblings, I witnessed the effects of advanced Parkinsons disease on my grandmother. She was an active, strong woman who always loved to spend an active life in her farm in the village and to take care of us in our childhood. But all this changed with the time when started to have tremors in her hands, she became weak and fail, her walk was slow and shuffling and she used to confuse me with my cousins. During her last days, she became bedbound and totally dependent on others for her care. I witnessed the challenges of having functional limitations, its effect on personal morale and struggle for whole family. This realization motivates me to help others facing such difficulties. I am excited about new research studies for Parkinson’s disease and possible future interventions that can make patients’ lives much easier.

I believe neurology is an ideal match for me. Motivated when challenged, enjoying great curiosity and commitment to patient care are some of my greatest aspects. I have excellent work ethic: assiduous, focused, responsible, friendly, excellent team player and motivated for excellence in any task I undertake. Assimilating both the caring physician-patient relationship and continuous learning, Neurology is the profession I actively look forward to work in. I aspire to join a residency program that will enable me to continue to develop my medical skills and encourages to become a worthy neurologist who excels in her field. In return, I will commit my time, energy, and competence to treat my patients, and to learn from others in the medical profession.

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The influence of life experience on the choice of profession
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