Everything In Life Is A Choice You Make

We have come down to the end of this book. In short I’m trying to convince you that simple practices of simple principles can make a huge difference in the success you achieve in whatever youendeavor.

The final C is calibrate. the word calibrate simply means to keep an instrument accurate. The implementing of all the former chapters are of no use if 1st they are not utilized and 2nd they must be kept in accurate working order. Commitment. Challenge. Consistency. Compare. Choice. Confidence.

If you look at these words that we have discussed in each chapter most people would be them only as words. They are much more than that, these are power words. These are words when combined with action have the ability to provide life-changing success. They can change your thought process, feelings, in reality. When we take these 6 words pair them with action and keep them keep them calibrated as to get thecorrect readings terrific things begin to happen.

When you calibrate them and keep them working for you, the first thing you are going to notice is direction. It is like you have been handed a map to success, a map you created for yourself. No more wandering aimlessly from one path to another, direction is a wonderful thing. It is a way to gauge where you are going and where you have come from. How much time was wasted and how much time was gained. A good comparison would also be a compass, leading us in a morelogical direction instead of not knowing what direction we need to go.

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The second change you will see is a heightened sense of purpose. You will no longer be able to accept the status quo good enough will no longer be good enough. Fake it until you make it will make you despise fake. There will be this undyingdesire to find one’s purpose. Once it has been discovered the game begins. Mastery in that particular endeavor will become a must.

To calibrate one’s life based on its design. To push aside the disorderly wandering, to be able to choose a more natural order of events for ourselves. No more fictitious plans that have no basis of foundation. To find one’s creative power to base your livelihood on what your talents are geared toward. Asufficient mastery designed by you. Previously we wandered hopeful yet ignorantly accepting that a certain lot was our lot. We were meant to do the third shift job where we are miserable and tired. By implementing these keys when they unlock the prison of a mediocre life style, to that of something fulfilling and meaningful.

The calibration createsambition, motivation and desire. How? It is the hoop in a basketball game, it is the zone in a football, it is a bullseye in archery. it creates a target, it clears up one’s vision. It removes all distractions. Instead of being a pinball in a pinball machine just going in whateverdirection life throws at you it allows you to see and plan.

Ask yourself these questions. What matters to me? What do I love to do? What am I good at doing? Could I make money doing what I love? What makes me happiest? Do I fill purpose in life? What would make me feel purpose? All of these questions and more help you calibrate your life. Questions lead to answers in research. Research leads to knowledge. When one cannot answer a question, it leads to a drive to find an answer. Which leads to research which then leads to knowledge. Knowledge about your objective always leads to enhanced mastery, which always leads to a better conscience choice. which finally leads to a self-initiated designed life. What does that mean? You are actively designing the life you desire, this will never happen unless you calibrate your life.

Allow me to give you a simple example. What if someone was building a house? You ask that individual what type of house they are building? They respond I don’t know just a house. You then ask how big is it? To which they respond big enough, How many rooms? A few. What type of flooring? It doesn’t matter. When the house is completed and that particular individual complains about the outcome the logical response would be How could you complain? You did not know what you wanted, you did not have a plan, you did not research.

This is exactly what people do with their life. No plan, no research and no calibration then they cannot understand why does not what they wanted. They seem dumbfounded as if life has played a horrible trick on them. The reality would be that they have done this to themselves. The only person to blame is ones-self. Life is one choice after another, the biggest problems stem from not making a choice at all. Knowing you had a choice however, you blame luck, friends, family, God etc. when the whole time you never designed and calibrated your life.

You must build and design the life you desire. You must then calibrate it often. The calibration keeps the design on track. A design must have a goal and a timeline. Read the seven Cs over and over, continue toutilize them, and keep them in the forefront of your mind.

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