The Birth of Islamic Religion

Arabians have been in history for plenty of years. They’ve been mentioned in Greek sources of the fifth B.C.E and also in the Old Testament. They had been a polytheist’ic nation with a supreme god, Allah. But then came Muhammad. Muhammad had come with ideas from many different religious like Christianity and Judaism. With all these ideas came Islam.The Islamic religious belief is called the Five Pillars of Islam; belief in Allah, the all»powerful who created the universe and everything within it, and Muhammad, his Prophet; standard prayer i’ive time every day and on Fridays a public prayer at midday to worship Allah; 3) holy month of Ramadan and fasting all day: making a pilgrimage, known as hajj.

to Mecca and giving alms, which is known as zakat, to the unfortunate ones.

The experience of Muhammad in that time must have been awful due to the fact that they had been subjected a strict behavioral requirement.

The Arabs used to worship various objects of nature, and thought there were multiple deities controlling the world. At that time, women were in the male- dominated Arab society. They were most likely considered as lower class, having no status and say in social matters. Men could have done anything to the women if they wanted too. This also reflects that they were always drinking and doing malicious things and being dishonest. I think this because they were polytheist’ic and the Islam religion is monotheistic.

Also when Muhammad died, Muslim scholars, known as ulama, had made a law code called the Shari’a to regulate the people’s lives.

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These codes prohibited them from gambling, drinking alcohol and engaging in dishonest behaviors. Unmarried men and women weren’t encouraged to have contact between each other. Although the Arabs lived a sinful life, they were able to get on a path to where they didn’t do many of the things they did. The Islam religion had changed them. It wasn’t only their religion. but also their lifestyle.

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