Violent Islamic Extremist Group ISIS

The Islamic State also known as ISIS is a militant Islamic extremist group who was founded by Abu Musab in 1999. The terrorist group has claimed responsibility for over 140 attacks in over 29 countries throughout the world. ISIS has one main goal and that is to start a new Islamic Caliphate throughout the Muslim world and impose the strict Sharia Law that was imposed in the 8th century. In my opinion, the US and the UN must work together to stop ISIS’s agenda and restore both peace and the God given rights that ISIS threatens.

I care about this topic because I love to keep up with whats going on in the world and they have been a very important aspect of the NEWS recently. You might not care about some small group in Iraq is doing but it is very important to know of these types of group and to be aware of how they influence different parts of the world.

Abu Musab was a sunni Muslim who is credited with the founding of ISIS. He was a Jordanian Jihadist who declared all out war against Shiite Muslims in 2005 just a year before his death in 2006. From 2010 to today, the leader of ISIS is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is continuing to pursue the ISIS agenda of attacks and bombings. The main problem with ISIS is not their interpretations of the Quran, but that ISIS wants to force other to adhere to these interpretations. For example, women under ISIS rule are not allowed to be in public without wearing a hijab, and cannot leave the house without being accompanied by a male relative.

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Also, beheadings, floggings, and amputation are quite common. These clear human rights violations are just one of many ways that ISIS is a threat to the safety and rights of other.

When it comes to talking about ISIS most people think of recent terrorist attacks. This is because although ISIS began in 1999, there first major terrorist attack occurred in 2013 when a car bomb killed 28 Shia Muslims and injured many other near Baghdad. This was only the beginning. ISIS continued with more and more attacks ranging from suicide bombings to beheadings to driving cars through crowded areas. These attacks were very effective and have lead to over 2,000 deaths. ISIS’s military strategies worked actually quite well during its earlier years. This is evident by the fact that ISIS reached its peak in power in 2014 when ISIS controlled more than 34,000 square miles in Iraq and Syria which is about the size of Maine. Ever since then, ISIS controlled land has been shrinking due to the US military and foreign allies such as Kurds. The two main cities controlled by ISIS were Mosul and Raqqa. These cities have been terrorist strongholds for many years. On July 10, 2017, Mosul was finally conquered by Kurdish and Iraqi soldiers after a nine month battle. On the other hand, Raqqa the capital of the Islamic State, was captured by Syrian forces on October 17. The captures of these two cities are fatal blows for ISIS who is on the brink of collapse and will likely be completely defeated by 2018.

After doing research, my conclusion is that ISIS is a dying threat that should not be underestimated, and we should all remember that ISIS is not an accurate representation of Islam and is radically different from what normal peaceful Muslims believe.

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