US Involvement in Fighting ISIS

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United States Currently Seeking to Step up Fights against Iraq and Syria The United States is seriously considering taking a small army of Apache attack helicopters to the Islamic State of Iraq. There has been several conflicts between these two countries since 9/11. Problems obviously have not been solved. In my opinion, I don’t believe it is smart for the United States to enter into Iraq. The country spends so much on weapons and has such a high debt already. This idea would send hundreds of U.

S. soldiers to Iraq. Another idea is to also place some forces is Syria. Rebels called Kurdish are located there in Syria. Recently Russia and Syria have come together. Both of these countries are against the United States. For this reason the United States is considering going into battle. The current plan of the Pentagon officials is to deploy eight of these helicopters to Iraq. The Apache helicopter is known for their targeting, would have the right precision for a mission such as this.

They would also use about two dozen ground spotters within the Islamic lands. They would be starting yet another war in Iraq and a new one in Syria.

According to Pentagon officials: “Another proposal, which is less likely, would insert rebels inside Syria. Pentagon officials are also likely to enhance Iraqi intelligence capabilities, possibly through a group on the ground that would serve as a single point of coordination between the U.S. and Irag, a senior military official said.

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” However, the white house has not come to a conclusion yet about this issue. That is President Obama will not deploy personnel’s, weapons, or even gear until he is completely sure this is the best option for his country. He is sort of worried about the lives he may put in danger, especially the spotters. They will be on land and would face the most dangerous positions within the mission. Obama does however, seem more inclined to send larger groups rather than small to both Iraq and Syria. Ash Carter, the defense secretary gave his approval and willingness to deepen militarization in these two Islamic States. These Kurdish fighters are the most effective towards fighting ISIS.

At the beginning many people from Islam were in favor of ISIS because they claimed that they wanted to restore Islam. Later on after they collected a good army, they became bad and started killing everyone who did not share the same beliefs. Now everyone is against this group and are in favor of Kurdish fighters. Although the United States wishes to bring helicopters and soldiers to Syria and Iraq, they should realize that the Kurdish fighters are helping to stop a dangerous terrorist group. Some people claim that ISIS is the worst group in the world. Even the Turkish government fears the Kurdish group, because they have great military knowledge and pose the greatest threat to ISIS. In conclusion, the United States is better off not starting war with these countries. There are so many complex issues that are going on and creating more problems is not a good idea. I feel that there is really no reason to even go over there at all. Each country should be able to manage itself and bring about peace without the invasion of other countries. I believe in the just war theory. There are five criteria that must be in place before a war is started. Some of these include a fair fight and previous attempts to create peace. The United States is only trying to protect themselves but in these cases they should not create more wars.

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