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The Fighting Ground is about a thirteen year old boy named Jonathan. Jonathan has wanted to be a soldier since he was a little boy because his father and his brother were also soldiers. There was going to be a war and Jonathan wanted to join. However, his father disagreed of him being a soldier because he was too young. Jonathan went to the tavern where the Americans prepared to fight without any telling anyone. Before he started fighting he was kidnapped by three Hessians.

They tied him to a tree and left him there for hours. After a while they untied him. They were talking in German and Jonathan felt scared because he thought that they were going to kill him. All of a sudden they heard a cow mooing. They approached the sound that led up to an abandoned house. Surprisingly in front of the house there was a little baby. He was alone.

“Where are your parents? ” asked Jonathan. The boy would not talk. Suddenly the boy grabbed Jonathan’s hand and took him somewhere.

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Jonathan went with the boy. On the floor were two people a man, and a woman. “Mama, Mama,” cried the baby while pointing at the woman. He sat down playing with his dead mother’s hair. They looked like they were murdered. A couple hours later the baby fell asleep on his mother. That night Jonathan could not go anywhere because his foot was tied to one of the Hessian’s foot.

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He quietly untied the rope from his foot, went outside, grabbed the baby and headed towards the tavern.

While the baby was sleeping on Jonathan’s shoulder, Jonathan walked through the woods in cold harsh weather. Finally he had reached the tavern. “Where were you, we thought you died” said one of the American soldiers said. Nervously, Jonathan told the Americans what had happened and he told the American soldiers where to find the Hessians. He couldn’t really remember because he had been walking for a long time. They went back to the house guns in hand with the baby still on Jonathan’s shoulder, Jonathan was struggling.

The Americans surrounded the house. The Hessians had no chance to escape. They opened the door, guns drawn but were instantly killed by the American soldiers. The Americans went to the tavern but Jonathan went back home. He left the baby with the soldiers so they could care for him. Back home, he saw his father. “Were you… hurt” his father asked him. Jonathan shook his head no. “Thank goodness”, he whispered. Jonathan proved that he was brave and loyal to his country, and that made his father very proud.

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