L’Oreal Products Usage in Islamic Countries

Nowadays, there are many men and women are young-looking even thought they had reach certain ages. People are more to concern about their healthy and as well as their out looking. Beauty is kind a “must” for every single person, there is a way for people to express themselves through their outward appearance which are clean and clear. In the traditional era, women are the only people who use skin care products, and beauty is only suitable for woman in the men’s thoughts.

That is also laughable for them to see men using skin care products.To change their perception on skin care products this assignment will be very helpful and informative. I would like to thank my Marketing Lecturer Mr. Yip Kwok Keong for giving me this opportunity for doing this assignment through this assignment I learned many things about skin care products and also about the current issues around the world.

I hope this assignment will fulfill the requirements and will be useful.

L’Oreal Paris, the French cosmetic giant, this company developed many kind of skin care products. However, there are lots of changes in this era.A lot of men have found out that skin care products help them by improving their look, and they tend to try with the products. There is a reason that causes men’s skin care products are growing in the beauty industries. In this case, L’Oreal Paris has distinguished that women may not be the only gender that needs to improve their looking.

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Skin care products are important because they help people to improve better from unhealthy skin, or maintain the good skin while people who has already a good skin. There are many types of skin care products, they including moisturizer, lotion, mask, cleanser, toner and more.

There are many advantages to use L’Oreal skin care products, they are certain division of skin care products which are face care, cleansing sun care and specific on men’s skin care products. People need skin care products are because of the products help the user to prevent their old looking and wrinkles when they grow old, people who always conduct activities under the sun would have to suffer from sun burn as long as dark spot grows. Most of the women would like to make up before they meet up with friends or attend some functions and event. In this case, cleansing plays an important role in life to make a person looks good.Cosmetic contain of different kind of chemicals, yet people must clear to know to deal with their skin after makeup, they should have apply makeup remover and rinse off to slightly remove some chemical and cleanser to wash off the dirt and the remaining chemical.

Next, there are few advantages for the man to have skin care products, because they are more likely to take part in activities under the sun and even their work load is heavier. Moreover, men need to shave their mustaches everyday, sometimes they might have chance to injure their skin.Skincare can help them to have a better way of shaving, such as some repairing balm provided from L’Oreal Paris. Younger gentlemen are the most likely to buy L’Oreal’s Men Expert products. I think it is because of there are more and more people want to have young look even in their certain age. Most of them have seen the woman stays young and look much healthier. In this case, people will have difficulty to identify the person’s age by just looking at their appearance, this is the benefit of the skin care product.

There is always a sentence says “prevent is always better than to cure”.Young men should have get use to have skin care products, because they are many benefits for them to do so. The most important to use skin care product is not because of good looking but healthy. People should be concern about the right way of using the skin care product to achieve a good result. The young man nowadays, there are more and more activities to go in this era, many of them should have some skin care product, because it act as a covering layer on the skin to protect themselves from skin damage. Men always involve in sports especially, so there is also one of the stronger reasons for them to use skin care products.Moreover, young men always have more activities than the older one, they will have plenty of function to attend such as prom nights, international understanding day and some events which conducted by their university or schools.

Young men would like to dress up proper and have some nice fashion to express themselves to have a better appearance. These will let them to be confident in presentation or performance. Most of the people will be sensitive with the thought about ownself from other people; they usually have intensive of self-esteem that is one of the reason that they have to use skin care products.The more people satisfied of their own looking and their own health, the more confidence they gain and also the more happiness will bring; people always have the thought of happiness bring health. There is also will help them prevent from degenerate when they had grown old. As a result, these are the reasons which support the young men to use skin care products.

2. ) Over the past few years, men skin care product have emerged into a different level, this has been seen as a key to help strengthen global skin care sales. It is a different level of encouragement to ask men to use skin care product, but for a women is a need in their life.Although it has been difficult to encourage men to use skin care product, in the 21st century Europe has moved the skin care sales-boosting look of David Beckham, to a more unadulterated, hirsute appearance currently. Skin care product in South Korea has increased its market to 80% of young men are using skin care product. There are still men using skin care product but it isn’t a big market around the world. Company needs to study the culture of the country that they are going into and knows what the people of that market wants and needs.When the company has make things clear they can figure out what are the important factors to place their product in the market that they are looking at.

When the company has done enough research, gain enough data and make sure what they have to do to penetrate the market, this is when they are one of the successful competitors in the market. Men skin care market is small but it is becoming a fast brand battleground, many skin care company have been doing research on what is the best skin care for men to gain more profit. When most of the leading skin care companies are entering the market it means there is a healthy and profit making market.This is also considering as an opportunity for a company to have a new development. Men skin care market has been increasing because people nowadays want to look good. When they look good they will feel good and excited. It is just like the reason ladies uses skin care product, they just want to look good and feel good. When they feel good they feel more confident, not to say ladies are the ones who uses the top brands in the market.

Ladies are willing to spend more money on skin care product, this is what the companies are looking for to get the men to buy skin care product.A healthy and young looking man is going to feel more confident to get promotion or deliver the sales to potential customers, rather than a person who looks old and messy who might not even be notice by people nearby. When doing sales it is always important to give a good impression to your client to give them more confident feeling when discussing business projects. If the client doesn’t feel confident of you as a sales person, he might not even feel safe of receiving your project and you might lose a big chance to work with some major companies.Skin care companies always have ambassador to promote their product; it is highly demanded for company to use this strategy. This is one of the chance for company to attract customers. The reason customer will be attracted by ambassador is usually the ambassador are celebrities or popular names people.

When the customer sees that the ambassador is someone they admire or if the ambassador has a very positive effect after using the product they would think of using them to look like them. In another way, companies will organize live talk or event to promote their products.When there is an event, companies will invite these people to give feedback, comments and testimonial. People will soon realize that when they are not using it, they will be missing something in their life which is looking good. Companies such as L’Oreal have Hugh Laurie as their ambassador, Nivea has Rihanna as their ambassador, Olay uses Carrie Underwood as their ambassador and etc. As we can see that most major companies are using popular celebrities. Skin care product are things that men feel that is a very feminine product, to them they will feel embarrassing if they are seen buying these product.

Therefore, skin care companies have to think creative of what men likes, and so they comes up with idea of changing the packaging and creates more masculine names. Packaging such as cigar box and containers mimicking liquor bottles have been one of the best way to put the products out to market so that men feel different from women when buying these products. Names of the product are change to a more masculine name such as the eye cream of Estee Lauder is called eye balm for the men ones. The word make-up is avoided when promoting their product as it will make a difference because men always want a higher reputation.This is how we can actually make our products to be positioned stable in the competitive market.

Those days most of the men do not use skin care products because they felt it is like being a girl. Nowadays it is the other way round, guys are becoming regular consumer of skin care products. As a guy to be honest I will say that I have bought men skin care products before and I still do. I feel that, whenever my appearance look good I feel very energetic and self motivated. This is not only what I feel, according to medical professionals 0% of the guys globally are starting to use skin care products because they are becoming very concern of their look and personality. Skin care products are not only for glamour purpose but there are also other benefits of skin care products. Skin is one of the largest organ in our body, it not only protects our skin it also controls the temperature of the body. It can also be used to wash away dirt, excessive oil, dead skin and etc.

From a research, scientists discovered that men actually prefer menthol compared to women. As a proof, you can find most of the men skin care products contain menthol except for lotions.A decade ago, men only spends most of their money on shoes, watches, perfumes, pens as a symbol of status. In today’s world men have changed to be even more concern of their look compared to women. Men are usually very concern about their age, they always want to be younger even though they have passed forty years old they still want to feel that they are young but most of the women when they are forty they are ready to accept the fact that they are getting old. Skin care companies have understood men’s needs and they launched a new product for men called anti-aging lotion.

This attracted most of the men all around the world to buy this skin care product. Other than that, some men do not like to shave their beard every day, especially Europeans. They feel it is waste of time and money for shaving their beard so they wanted a skin care product which will actually prevent their beard to grow. Cosmetics companies made a lot of research and development and finally they launched a product for men which will prevent their beard to grow. This product was also attracted by men all around the world.However, most of the men start to have acne at their early teenage this is due to hormones changes. Some of them will even have rashes so those who were affected by these skin problems will start to use anti – acne lotion and facial wash which will start to reduce their acne problems.

In my opinion, I feel that guys need to use moisturizer often compared to women. This is because men always go out to work during sunny day often compared to women. Their skin becomes very dry and end up having pimples and dead skin to avoid this they have to use moisturizer often to keep their skin moist and healthy.All the men around the world do not use skin care products just for glamour purpose, these are reasons behind it and this is why skin care products becomes increasingly common among men. As a conclusion, using skin care products it is good but we need to know few things before buying it. As a consumer of skin care products, we need to know whether it is certified by the Ministry of Health, expiry date and the most important part is always read the contents of the skin care product.

This helps you to avoid those skin care products which you are allergic to it. Besides that, if you buy a skin care product always use it consistently in order to see a good result. If you have any clarification on the product always seek the sales person’s help, do not ever assume anything by yourself because you are going to apply it on your body so always be concern and careful of it. Skin care company should not aim on only making money, they should always think of the consumers’ safety as well.If the skin care company learns the needs of the consumers it will definitely be easy for company to launch a product which will fulfill the consumers’ needs. Moreover, all the skin care companies should also learn the culture of the consumers. This is important because Muslim consumers are very particular in what they are using for their body. They always follow the Islamic law which skin care companies should know. By following all these steps, the company will easily get a very high and stabilized position in consumer’s heart. Let’s live healthy and glamour!

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L’Oreal Products Usage in Islamic Countries
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