Online Banking History and Usage

Table of contents 1. Abstract 2 2. Introduction 3 3. Group Assignment 4. 1.

Functionality 7 4. 2. Advantages 9 4. 3. Disadvantages 12 4.

4. Impact of the Technology 13 4. 5. Conclusion 14 4. 6.

References 15 4. Individual Assignment 5. 7. Human Aspect of Computing 7 5. 8.

1. Recommendation 19 5. 8. 2. References 19 5.

8. Security Issue 20 5. 9. 3. Recommendation 22 5.

9. Real-time Systems 23 5. 10. 4. Recommendation 25 5.

10. 5. References 25 5. Group Task Report 26 Abstract

Today, technology is part of our life and certainly, it effect on all the matters of our life. It can help us to live easier and more comfortable.

It even effect on how we communicate with and how we do trades and businesses with each other.

One of the inseparable parts of technology that we use is E-banking. It’s one of the most important parts of effect of technology on our life. Day by day it become bigger and more complicate, we must study on it and know the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology if we want to get more benefit of it. In this research we are going to explain what exactly Electronic banking means and explain the definition of E-banking and talk about it problem and benefit for us.

We are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology and give some recommendation about it problems. We are going to talk about it functionality and know about that where we should use this technology to get more benefits. Introduction E-Banking It is an umbrella term for the process by which a customer may perform banking transactions electronically without visiting a brick-and-mortar institution. The following terms all refer to one form or another of electronic banking: personal computer (PC) banking, Internet banking, virtual banking, online banking, home banking, remote electronic banking, and phone banking.

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PC banking and Internet or online banking is the most frequently used designations.

It should be noted, however, that the terms used to describe the various types of electronic banking are often used interchangeably. Guide to E-Banking With the improvement of online banking, you don’t have to do all yours banking in person. No more waiting in the lines. No more dealing with bank officer. Online Banking gives you this chance to sit at home on your sofa and access to your account 24/7.

You can transfer money from an online account to another one or get information about certain check has cleared or not. In this way your Personal Computer becomes a virtual bank. Ready to Cooperation you with your banking needs. Common E-Banking Services Retail Services| Wholesale Services| Account management| Account management| Bill payment and presentment| Cash management| New account opening| Small business loan applications, approvals, or advances| Consumer wire transfers|Investment/Brokerage services| Commercial wire transfers| Loan application and approval| Business-to-business payments| Account aggregation| Employee benefits/pension administration| You may hear electronic banking as a different names like: Online Banking, Home Banking, Internet Banking or PC Banking. They are simply different names for same product.

You’ll need two things to banking online: a Personal Computer and a modem connected to phone line. If you use your bank’s software, you’ll normally have to use a Dial-Up connection to access your account directly from the bank’s computer. Otherwise you’ll have to go to your bank’s website on the Internet. You will need an Internet connection and a web browser. (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer).

Definition of E-Banking E-banking is defined as the automated delivery of new and traditional banking products and services directly to customers through electronic, interactive communication channels. E-banking includes the systems that enable financial institution customers, individuals or businesses, to access accounts, transact business, or obtain information on financial products and services through a public or private network, including the Internet. Customers access e-banking services using an intelligent electronic device, such as a personal computer (PC), personal digital assistant (PDA), automated teller machines (ATM), kiosk, or Touch Tone telephone. While the risks and controls are similar for the various e-banking access channels, this booklet focuses specifically on Internet-based services due to the Internet’s widely accessible public network. Accordingly, this booklet begins with a discussion of the two primary types of Internet websites: informational and transactional.

History of E-Banking At the early 1980s step by step modern home online banking services took the place of distance banking service. Online services started in New York in 1981 when four of the city’s major banks (Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Chemical and Manufacturers Hanover) offered home banking services using the videotext system, because that video text got commercial failure. This banking service never became popular except in France and UK. In France videotext (Minitel) was subsidised by the telecom provider and in the UK Prestel system was used. First UK bank which was setup home online banking services was Bank Of Scotland for the use of customers from Nottingham Building Society (NBS) in 1983.

The system used was based on the UK’s Prestel system and used a computer, such as the BBC Micro, or keyboard (Tandata Td1400) connected to the telephone system and television set. The system was gave chance to customers to view their statements, bank transfers and bill payments. Stanford Federal Credit Union was the first financial institution to offer online internet banking services to all of its members in October 1994. Today, many banks are just virtual banks on the Internet. These banks don’t have real Branches instead they offering better interest rates and online banking features.

Online Banking Methods We have 3 ways to banking online: Bank Software Your bank will give you Special Software to install on your PC. The software will allow you to connect to your bank’s computer through a Special network instead of using Internet, then u can access to your account. Internet-Based You can access to your account information through bank’s website via modem connect to Internet Personal Finance Software Software such as Quicken or Microsoft Money allows you to exchange financial information with your bank. The software connected to Bank’s computer via Internet-Based. But your bank system must be compatible with this software.

Mobile Banking In their simplest form, mobile banking services enable users to receive information on their account balances via SMS. The new WAP- and Java-enabled mobile phones using GPRS support a wider variety of banking services such as fund transfers between accounts, stock trading, and confirmation of direct payments via the phone’s micro browser. Functionality If you want to use online banking, for example in CIMB Clicks (CIMB Bank Online Banking Websites), firstly you should go to the nearest CIMB Bank branch to get the password. This password is function as the user account of online banking system. After you get the password from the bank, you can directly login into CIMB Bank online banking system, but at the first you must register first by filling the CIMB Bank Online Banking Account Registration Form (write your name, address, choose the online banking user ID and password, etc.

and also put the password that given by the bank into the form (the chosen password may different with the password that given by the bank, depends on you). After the registration is successful, then you can put the user ID and the password and login. When login, you have to put the correct user ID and the password, you will successfully login into online banking. And then, after that, all of the transaction menu will appear at CIMB Bank Online Banking Websites Homepage. To see your CIMB Bank account balance, you just click the Account Enquiry menu in CIMB Click homepage, and then your CIMB Bank account balance will appear followed by your CIMB Bank account number and type of your CIMB Bank account.

In Account Enquiry menu you also can check your transaction history, by clicking your CIMB Bank account number. If you want to transfer your money, between your saving account and current account or vice versa, or transferring money between CIMB Bank account and others bank account, you just click Transfer Funds menu in “CIMB Click” homepage. And then, you will need a TAC code for do transfer money. TAC is Transaction Authority Code, that functionally for do transfer money, and TAC code can you earn by register your mobile number to the CIMB Bank and the TAC code will be sent to your mobile number by SMS. And then, after you receive the TAC Code, enter the code and you are ready for transferring your money.

But, before you confirm transferring your money, you can view the transaction details, in order to check the money recipient name and the recipient bank account number. If you want to pay your bills, you just choose what bill to be paid, and then money from what account which you will use, then enter the TAC (Transaction Authority Code), and then confirm. If you want to reload your mobile phone prepaid card, you just enter your mobile phone number, select your mobile phone operator, then enter the reload value, money from what account which you will use, and then enter the TAC (Transaction Authority Code), and then confirm. Basically, the method of the others transaction is same with money transfers, pay bills, and reload mobile phone prepaid method. You just fill the transaction requirement, enter the TAC (Transaction Authority Code), and then confirm.

Advantages At the page before, we already describe what is online banking system and how does this system work. Every system usually has an advantages and disadvantages. At this segment we want to describe what the advantages of this online banking system. 1. Pay your bill online You can use online banking to pay your bills.

By using online banking system, you don’t have to worry for stamps again and it can protect yourself from the mistakes that you have done for example check that you have lost it in the mail. Most banks will have a section in which you set up payees. When you are using online banking system, you will need to fill out the information once, and then you can just simply choose that profile every time you pay a bill online that you want to see. If the bank that you use doesn’t have any online bills payment system you can also do the paying trough other online company. But usually this kind of company will charge some amount of fee.

2. Effective and efficient Online banking conducts the transactions from the comfort of your home. It is wasting time and energy if we go to the bank. Rather than go directly to the bank, we can use the time and energy to do another more useful things. Paying bills online becomes easier because of this system.

Many banks offer online calendars, which is use to assist us about the monthly payment of bills and prevent a thing called default. However, not all transactions can be done online. There are some transactions and actions that would require direct interaction with the bankers.

3. Free to use (access)

Almost all the online banking services which are available right now are offered free by many banks to all who want to use it.

But there are also some banks that charge a certain amount for using this online service system. Normally, bank that has many branches will have the online banking service system, but smaller banks may not have the online banking service. 4. View you transaction Online banking system allows you to access your account history and transactions anytime anywhere. By using this online banking system, you gain the quickest way to check your account and see if your account has cleared from the transaction that you have been made.

This can help you to find out the amount of a transaction from the receipt that you have lost. It also allows you to find out any transactions that you didn’t make and it is there more quickly. And also this system can help you to resolve the issues that you have more quickly. 5. Transfer money between account Online banking system also allows you to transfer money between accounts much more quickly.

It is more efficient than using the automated phone service, and can save you trip to the bank that can cost you some money. When you are using online banking system, make sure that all of the accounts that you have at the bank are listed. This will make you easier to transfer money to other account and make loan payments online if you wanted to. 6. Easy account maintenance By using online banking system account maintenance become very easy.

Online Banking makes you easier to keep track of your balance and the activity of your accounts. For those who have multiple accounts in the same bank, many online banking systems allow you to check the balances of all of your accounts at once. Besides that, you can also easily go back and forth between your accounts and monitor their activity easily. 7. Account alert Online banking also got one system that user can use called account alert set up.

This system sends an email or even text message to you based upon certain criteria that you have applied. For example, if you have any bill payment that is doubled or stated twice, there will be an electronic check is drafted and mailed, you could set up an alert to be sent to you advising when the bank has mailed out the payment. Other alerts like weekly activity alerts, statement alerts, and low balance alerts are also included. These alerts provided to monitor your account easier. The advantages of online banking are increasing every time.

Banks realize that online banking have the potential for savings and also focus on the “Go Green” event by reducing the amount of paper usage. Over time, you will realize the convenience and cost effectiveness to your budget as you see the money and time saved by using this online banking system. Disadvantages Although online banking has many benefits or advantages for the customers, actually online banking also has some drawbacks or disadvantages. Here are some of the drawbacks or the disadvantages of online banking. 1.

The most important drawbacks or disadvantages, which often occurs on the bank customers is about security issues. Hacker probably still could hack the customer’s online banking account although the online banking website is heavily encrypted. Some bank’s customers who use online banking, suddenly complaint to the bank because their money that saving in their bank account suddenly lost, stolen by unknown persons (refers to the hacker), and the bank cannot do anything. 2. Bank’s customers must have a User ID and Password for login on the online banking website.

To get the User ID and the password, customers must come to the bank for applying online banking User ID and waiting for a moment for approval. Of course the customers will spend much time for doing that. 3. Online banking is hard to navigate at the first time. Many bank customers got confused when they had first time login at online banking site.

Some bank customers got little-bit confused about the feature in the online banking websites at the first time. 4. Online banking cannot do withdraw the money directly. When you are lazy to go to ATM, if you want to do withdraw the money, of course you should go to the ATM to withdraw money. Except if you want to do money transfer, pay your bills, top up your mobile phone value, etc.

, you can use online banking when you are lazy to go to the ATM, so you don’t need to go to ATM for doing that (transfer money, etc. ). So, if you are in case of emergency, need the money immediately, you cannot withdraw your money immediately via online banking. 5. Online banking has lack of trust.

When you are using online banking for doing transaction, you may wondered whether you are doing the right thing or not, or you are doing transaction correctly or not, because you did not get the transaction receipt. So, you cannot make your own record because the receipt did not print. Printing the transaction statement is important, if someday there is mismatch of data with the bank’s data, maybe you will think that your money is lost. Impact of the Technology Of course we all already know the term e-banking. But, how much effect the changes caused by this technology to CIMB companies? In this section, we will explain what changes are happening with the e-banking system coming up.

With the e-banking system, CIMB obtain higher profits than banks that do not use e-banking system. Why? Due to the existence of such systems, virtually CIMB will be open 24 / 7. So profits will be generated even greater because there is no limit of time if there is any customer that wanted to do some transactions. By having e-banking system, CIMB don’t need to have many buildings because all transactions can be done online. Which means any costumers that have internet access can access to his/her account without going to the bank itself and by doing that, CIMB will save more because they only need to have server rather than a new building in different areas which cost more money.

By using e-banking, CIMB will have more satisfied customers because customers can do their transactions faster, easier, safer and more reliable. So people prefer to choose banks which have e-banking system. If many people join that kind of banks, the profit of that bank will automatically raise. Conclusion The Internet has grown exponentially, with more than 30 million users worldwide currently. The Internet enhances the interaction between two businesses as well as between individuals and businesses.

As a result of the growth of the Internet, electronic commerce has emerged and offered tremendous market potential for today’s businesses. One industry that benefits from this new communication channel is the banking industry. Electronic banking is offering its customers with different services: Customers are able to be in touch with their banking accounts as well as make financial transactions from virtually anywhere without time wasting. Electronic Banking is offered by many banking due to pressures from competitions. In order for electronic banking to continue to grow, the security and the privacy aspects need to be improved.

With the security and privacy issues resolved, the future of electronic banking can be very rosperous. The future of electronic banking will be a system where users are able to interact with their banks “worry-free” and banks are operated under one common standard. References Peterson, Marcus. 2006. Ezine Articles.

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[online]. Available at: http://www. cimbclicks. com. my/faq_tac.

htm. [Accessed 30 October 2010] Human Aspects of Computing Human Computer Interface (HCI) HCI is describing about how human interact with the computer. In this part, I want to explain about how human interact with the computer which is online banking to get what user wants. In order to get what the user desire, there must be some acts from the human because this system cannot work without any interaction from the user. While using this system, firstly users need to sign into the e-banking website which is CIMB-Click.

To do some transactions in this part, users need to sign in by using their own registered ID. After that they need to choose what transactions will they do then the computer will redirect the user to the webpage they desire. E. g. transfer money.

After getting to this kind of website, the system will ask for the amount of the money will the user transfer and which other account the user will transfer to. In case that the users still don’t have any registered ID in CIMB Click, they just simply need to fill some form that CIMB already provide. By doing that all, it proves that computer need some acts or interactions with the users while processing. Ergonomics Ergonomics is also important things that banks to notice. By ergonomics, it means that we must put some attentions to the user’s size.

At ATM machine, banks design the machine in like a way so that any size of user will not have a hard time to use it. E. g. the height of the ATM machine, how the monitor facing and etc. System Failure System failure of a system can be caused by many things.

Most of them are caused by the misact of the user themselves. At this segment will explain about what and why system fails. Lack of information This system failure happens because the system didn’t provide the user all the information that they need to use that system that will cause a system failure. Maybe for young user they still can use that system, but for old people, this system is very complicate because they don’t understand what should they do and that cause the system fail. Natural disaster Natural disaster can also make the system fail.

For example if there is any bad weather such as thunder storm and raining hardly can cause the internet down and because internet down, automatically we also cannot use the online banking. Technical issues Talking about technical issues, there are actually two kinds of technical issues. The first one is internal technical issues. This system failure usually caused by the error of the program or software which that system using. If we applied to e-banking, we can say that we cannot draw some money from the ATM because there are any technical issues with the server.

This is called system failure. The second one is the external technical issues. This system failure usually caused by the error of the hardware which that system using. In e-banking, usually external kinds of technical issues can be found if there is any problem with the for example hard drive, monitor, etc. Human Health Concern In human aspects of computing, health concern also one of the important topic.

Why? Because if didn’t concern about health while using some technologies which is available right now, people will suffer the negative effect of technology. For example computer stressed injuries. What is a computer stress injury? Usually many people seat in front of their computer for a long time because they are working or doing something else. This can cause people to have a fair amount of computer stress, from minor amounts of frustrations and become huge frustrations. By having a high level of stress can actually kill people themselves. Most of the worker which have a high level of stress may have a higher risk of having a heart diseases or even cancer. So by knowing that e-banking system should have a more simpler kinds of progress so people can get it through without any stress or sitting in front of the computer too long. Recommendation Judging by the similarities and differences that I discuss, e-banking should have more reliable and saver system such as server, programs, and way to use it because all this elements can effects the user’s satisfaction. The higher or lower profits of will the bank get depends on high or lower the customer satisfaction. And also bank should make the system easier so aged people can use this system and less consuming time for the customers who use this system. References Alex. 2008. Healthy Healthy List. Top 4 Health Problems Caused By Computer Use. [online]. Available at: http://heheli. com/business/top-4-health-problems-caused-by-computer-use. [Accessed 29 October 2010] Security Issue Nowadays technologies had effected on smallest matters of our life. It changed that how we behave to other people and how we do business today. As result of Internet and new technologies, Electronic Commerce has come out, allowing trades easily be in touch with their customers and other companies inside and outside of their industries. One of the important industries that use these new technologies is Electronic Banking. Electronic Banking systems lead the demanding of customers to new things compare to before, demand for any time any where services, and products with respect to demanding of customers change and get more complicate. According to these complication and changes of banking systems, discuss the security on Electronic Banking become so disturbing and important. They are some tips that should care about side, customer and bank. First we are going to mention the tips that customer must care about them: Phishing Phishing happen when you an E-mail, text message and IM that shows to be from your bank. If you click on the link and enter your username and password, you may be giving your information to another person. You must always know that your bank never going to contact you in this way or never ask you to provide your username and password. Hackers will create banking website exactly same looks with your real bank website. Saved Username and Password For your Tranquility, many online browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Google Chrome will automatically save your passwords and usernames to login to your account for the next time that you use it. If the computer that you are using is ever lost or stolen or if you are using a public computer that other people may have access to, they may have access to your information. This matter can be avoided by not allowing your username or password to be saved when these Internet providers ask you to save your username and password. Viruses Viruses, which are created by hackers, are group of codes that can cause different things to happen when it installs on a PC or network. Viruses can collect personal information or your login information. Using a good anti-virus software and do not click on suspicious emails or links that you do not know can protect you from viruses. Now we are going to talk about Security on E-banking for Banks: ATM By using of ATM Machine you can withdraw cash money from your account. You have to put your bank account inside the machine, and then the machine will ask you for the password. Usually, when you apply for ATM Card from your bank, your bank will ask you to put in your Card in to the ATM Machine for the first time and change your password. Usually the banks have limit to withdraw money from your account per day, this is for preventing of abusing your card. It means that if you lost your card and sadly someone find your card and find out your password, he/she can’t withdraw from your account more than limit of the day before you report about your card to your bank. Related Papers No related posts.

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