11 Experience with online learning When I started with online module

1.1 Experience with online learning

When I started with online module, I knew I did not have time to commit because it was my first time using computer. Studying online is a truly global experience and I appreciated hearing or sharing opinions with other students that are differing from my own. Consequently, online classes allowed me to work on my pace, since no one was there to rush me. Online learning taught me to save money I used to pay the transport for attending traditional classes, I quickly learned that online learning is creative and it is easy to collaborate with other students.

I experienced that to be a successful distance learner, you have to be self-disciplined and able to work on my own.

1.2 Group communication and discussion

Communicating with other students come in handy, when we were communicating on online classes, we communicate to give and get information to gain understanding of the topic and build the relationship. Many times when I read the discussion question, I do not understand that well at first but when I see how other students answered the question, it allows me to fully understand what am being asked.

Discussion it is helpful in deeper getting the of the listen.

1.3 Working with other student

When working alone I would procrastinate. My experience of working with other student eliminated procrastination in me because we set a specific time to do the task online, working with other student made me to learn faster than when I work alone.

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In addition, other student helped a lot when I find difficulty in understanding some of the questions. Every time after working with other student, I would get a new perspective on how to tackle difficult question. Furthermore, I have improved my learning ability and they sharped my mind as well helped me to learn faster on my own.

1.4 Contents of this module

The contents of this module is not that different from other modules. It is not that difficult to work with after the basic knowledge I gained about justice system so far. Although some the things are new to me, so the content of this module introduced to how our justice system and how it is operated. I always thought these would the difficult module to work but as I worked through it, I came to realisation that nothing is hard is hard as long as I dedicate my time and my attention to it. Consequently, I benefited in all dimension of the content of this module. It is of advantage to me that now I know how South African justice system work.

2.1 Yes, I picture myself working justice system

2.2 The reason I enrolled for this course is because I want to work within criminal justice. Yes, I see my future working in criminal justice system there was a time where I was negatively affected by justice, hence I do not want to see that happening to the next person, therefore I want to see justice being served to make the world a better place and make the world a safer place. Being police officer, I chose this career so that I could help people. Most satisfying feeling would be to be able to solve a crime, by putting people who breaks the law behind bars and also investigate to make sure that people do not commit the crime. I want to help people(victims) that could not help themselves, through different government agencies, knowing that I helped someone is the satisfying feeling I would have in criminal justice system. Working in criminal justice system is mentally challenging, as functionary in this system I will able to think on my feet and be willing to meet a variety of challenges of which will broadens my level of thinking. In addition, it offers a rewarding challenges that keeps the working field very interesting, my problem skills will be enhanced as I engage with my colleagues on a daily basis. There are lots of job opportunities in the criminal justice system.

3. In what ways can criminal justice system functionaries incorporate the principles of Ubuntu in their daily work?

The Constitution of South Africa protect everyone irrespective of their differences, it embodies the connectedness of humanity and the need to live according to certain values as well as principles. If any law is in conflict with the Constitution is invalid. In addition, Ubuntu is about listening to and affirming others with the help of process that create trust, fairness, dignity and harmony in relations. In its fundamental sense it denotes humankind and morality. As a functionary of criminal justice system, we should incorporate principles of Ubuntu by treating everyone with dignity or equally regardless of gender, race and status of that person. However, Ubuntu should not blind us as functionary to an extend that we would go against our code of ethics and code of conduct. In criminal justice we deal with people who committed crime whether intentionally or unintentionally, for instances some criminal are normal people who became desperate or made single mistake or bad decision without malice or causing lasting harm to another individual. As functionaries we believe that rehabilitation and redemption should be focused of perpetrators. Additionally, it illustrates a value base that cooperate, the desire for reconciliation and communication in the interest of shared understanding, compassion and respect towards one another

4.1 will Lebang (cousin) is the role model I believe embodies the qualities that are vital to being ethical.

4.2 Role model are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have, those who affect us in way that makes us to be better people in future or in our life. I looked at Lebang Willy as my role model, reason being is because he has ethical characteristics in him, he is always calm, positive and honest as well as respecting others, in addition, he has no tolerance for ethical violation. He is encouraging, he is someone who would never try to look bring or look other people down. Furthermore, everyone young and elders in our community is inspired by him. Although, he sometimes makes mistakes and have a courage to accept the accountability and apologise to those he has wronged. Willy is the only young person whom I believe embodies the quality of being ethical, he is successful at very young age and he achieved all that through the right way or I might say legally. I trust his ethical guidance, he is the reason why am so focused, determined as well as positive about my life. Every time when I feel like throwing the towel I would to him to revive my spirit, not to give up. Also he respects the law of the country, the Republic of South African Constitution for that matter.

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11 Experience with online learning When I started with online module
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