The Motivational Book by Peter Sanders

The author of this motivational book is Peter Sanders. Peter Sanders is best known as an author, researcher, business consultant, location reference, and former manager of marketing programs and personal finance. In addition to this book, he has also written over forty amazing books such as Value Inversion for Dummies, Personal Finance for Entrepreneurs, and What to Do When the Economy Sucks.

Peter Sander describes himself as a professional writer, not a professional writer. Sander sees himself as neither a generalist nor a journalist.

Instead, he is a person with knowledge and experience.

Sander, who is a government expert, completed his 32-year career in logistics, marketing and project management at Hewlett-Packard. For your information, the shortest time frame for Sanders to get a book out is two months, even if his most luxurious job is six months.

Most of his books are finance related though, such as The Complete Idiots Guide to Day Trading Like a Pro and The Idiots’ Pocket Guide to Living on a Budget.

paperback. who assess the livability of US cities. The Best Places to Raise Your Family, which was already published in 2008.

Well, Sanders’ energetic lifestyle has less to do with his self-image as a macho writer. He says he will do what he has to do, write books, assignments, projects faster. Fortunately, Sander has been married since 1993 to his beautiful wife, Jennifer Basie Sander, who is also a writer.

She comes up with ideas for popular science books, and then finds different authors and publishers for this.

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They have two young sons named Julian and Jonathan.

What makes him an author? What inspires him? Soon after Sander’s parents divorced, his mother married a man who wrote books on communications, and his mother will always help her husband do his research. After the book was completed, Sander saw what his mother was actually in the book. Although Sander originally wanted to be a city manager, he has a BA in Urban Affairs and University Administration, but in his lifestyle books, he learns about dozens of municipalities and gives some educational speculation like an adventure.

The publisher of this book is McGraw-Hill Education, published on the 29th.

November 2011. McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) is an educational science company and also one of the educational publishers. MHE was founded in 1888 in the USA by James McGraw and John. A. Hill. Publication types for MHE were adaptive learning technologies, educational software, e-books, applications, platform services, and books. This company successfully earned total revenue of US $ 1.72 billion in 2017. This is a multi-billion dollar company. See also reference and industry publications for medical, business, and engineering specialties. MHE currently operates in 28 countries and has 5,000 employees worldwide.

Summary of the book

“Stay hungry, stay stupid.” It cannot be denied that Steve Jobs is one of the world’s greatest business innovators. Probably because he didn’t think like the rest of the world. Well, compared to many of the most innovative and influential business leaders of our time, Steve was an incomparable visionary. Why can’t we turn into Steve Jobs? This is because there is only one Steve Jobs who was systematic, efficient, single-minded and purposeful, smart.

This book is divided into 2 parts. The first three chapters will provide some context, such as a “core” about Apple’s history mixed with Jobs’s personal biography as a basis for understanding his leadership style. Well, first in two chapters, Sanders explains background information about Steve Jobs and his Apple, but explores the meaning of the book title in different ways. First, what Sander introduces as the “Steve Jobs Leadership Model” in Chapter 3, which consists of six stages or parts of the business model that Jobs used to make Apple the most valuable manufacturing corporation in the publicly traded market. steps.According to the first step is that the client must let us know. understand customers, so we will know what they want more than they do. Secondly, Vision must be motivated to think about “new products” and synthesize its own ideas.

The author’s goal

The idea behind Sander’s writing of this book is not that he wants to write a biography of Steve Jobs or the history of Apple Inc., he says that Steve Jobs’s biography and the Apple story are already well-written and executed. There is no need for anything else. Several titles can already be found on the library shelf, dedicated to how Apple innovates and how Steve Jobs supports leading innovation.

Sander’s purpose in writing this book is not just to remember or recount the successes of Apple and Steve Jobs. It is to capture the essence of what Steve Jobs has done as a leader, and what can be taken away from Jobs, style and success and is applied in various organizations. Sander agrees that much of Jobs’ success was based on innovation, and creating an innovative culture was a major component of his leadership success. He also explains that as a leader, you must be responsible for managing innovation in your organization. The organization that innovates is dead. in the water, ready to be drowned by advances in technology, competition, or both. If an organization that innovates is not accountable to its customers and the outside world, Sander admitted that Jobs was good at innovating, but there was more to it that made millions follow him – millions inside and outside his organization, such as “Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, etc.”

Is there something besides? “Thomas Edison Meets Willie Vonda” Steve Jobs has established himself as a titan of American business and a titan of people through personal experience. No one has yet come close to achieving this status. The world is immeasurably better for its existence. Steve Jobs has established himself as a titan of American business and a titan of people – from personal experience. No one has yet come close to achieving this status. The world is immeasurably better for its existence.

Book review

Well, I was a person who doesn’t like to read books, but one day I completely changed my outlook on reading books. At first I had such a mindset that I followed my friend to read books. I was too bored at the time, so I decided to take a walk. Suddenly I saw a book that really caught my attention, it was What Steve Jobs Would Do, written by Peter Sander, so I decided to try the book, I started reading it, and gradually I became more and more interested in it, and I suddenly started read more and more books.

This book has completely changed my life, so that’s why I’m going to review this book. This book is actually a business strategy book that is fast, fun, easy, and valuable to read. I’m also an Apple fan, so I picked up this book. When I first open the book, the first quote I saw on the first page is: “Stay hungry. Stay stupid”.

Then I asked myself, is this the meaning behind this quote? In fact, after reading the entire book and some research, I finally figured out what the point is. This quote is truly motivating and inspiring. Staying hungry means that we have done, and we always had to go beyond our limitations and remain mentally – this is the desire to try what, according to people, is impossible. As a student manager, I find this quote and his guidance very inspiring and motivating. In his opinion, it will help us approach in the same way that Steve Jobs did: customer, look, culture, product, message and personal brand.

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