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Motivational Skills Paper

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Paper type: Essay, Subject: Communication Skills

Motivation is big factor fair all levels and ages for example a child could have a completely different motivation from an adult. A big part of what motivates children is fairness in what they are doing Barnes, P (2002) where as an adult competitor might have a different motivation as winning the league or getting a bonus in there pay for playing well. But if you are able to find the different aspects that will motivate your group of individuals the best. To be effective at you role as a leader or coach you have to look at your team and decide which method of motivation to use. Barrett, J (1998) suggests that you have to either use the ‘carrot’ or the ‘stick’.

The carrot being giving your team praise and stick being shouting at them and making sure the person or team knows what they did wrong. And this is where you see good coaches excel, as they are able to separate when and at what time to use these two different types of motivation. When you look at what stops a person from being a successful leader there is many obstacles that a leader has to over come, such as Insincerity, favoritism, lack of Motivation, lack of recognition, poor response, or no response, lack of time Carling, W (1995) we see there that motivation or a lack of it is a reason that a leader will not be successful or even at least meet there potential. So to have the ability to motivate a team is vital without this attribute you will never be able lead a team to any effectiveness at all. Without this attribute the members of your team will be unable to reach there full potential without the proper motivation.

Motivating Skills

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Players respond differently when motivated without it they will look flat and work to the lowest of there capabilities. Without the motivation of your players you will never be an effective leader the people around you will just not reach there potential. When looking for the different contributes of a good leader it will always come back to motivation and communication of the leader. Throughout this essay we have seen the difference that having good communication can have on a leader. You see this in all the top leaders day in day out.

We see could leaders in football such as the managers who are continually in communication with here players getting there views across and making sure that they are performing the tactics that they have set. Where as if you look at less successful managers such as Sunday league football you would see team coaches who are not communicated with the other players which is so important for success. Without this important communication it is almost certain that there will be no motivational qualities in the coach. We see the importance of a leader to be able to motivate his group so that they meet their targets. We see this in coaches he when there team maybe be down at half time he is able to take them to changing rooms and motivate his players into putting in better performances.

This is a sign of an effective coach or leader. With a coach or leader who communicates will with the group of people you are able to see the confidence that a leader has from his group they will no that he is a could leader or coach and so will work at there best for him. We see these effective coaches or leaders everywhere you look when at school your teacher at school was a leader, your local coach can be an effective leader he my not look as good as those in the premiership but they can be just as effective as them with there team. So in looking at all of the effective leaders that there is in the world it is vital for them to have an appropriate level of communication and motivational skills.

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