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Skills Lesson: World Literature

______________ themes are applicable to any group or culture at any time in history.
b. Universal

Understanding the culture from which a story comes _______________.
c. helps us understand the importance behind the literature

World literature texts reveal information about the particular ______________ from which they come.
a. cultures

World literature texts come from a variety of ___________.
d. all of the above

World literature tends to be ________________ reading literature from our own country and culture.
b. more difficult than

The theme of this world literature unit is ______________.
b. self-discovery

Which of the following might present a language-related difficulty of reading world literature?
c. unfamiliar words

The Ramayana is a text from _____________.
c. India

___________ the fact that world literature stories usually come from other countries and cultures, there is ______________ that we can take from their intended messages
b. Despite; always some meaning

______________ is an example of a universal themes.
e. all of the above

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