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The beautiful cover of the small collection of stories “Seerücken” by Peter Stamm gives a visual impression of what awaits us in the texts. In seven tiny, finely engraved, filmstrip-like panoramas prefer us few people, most alone, left or right over. The trees have no leaves more, the background color is white – or is snow? Everywhere are abandoned bicycles around, and there is a tram. On closer inspection, you can always find the same picture elements, cut differently, and see through the assembly technology.

So we see a very reduced, artificial excerpt from the human world.

As such, I felt the short stories Peter Stamm. In a sober, dispassionate style of language he created the atmosphere of the situation into which he mounted his figures into it: How terrible, a priest must feel the community rejects him who boycotted his service.

No less frustration suffered by Sara, the piano teacher in the story “the last romantic”. It was only announced her talentiertester students on the grounds that he would henceforth concentrate on one of his two hobbies.

And he will give the swim preference. Sara can not understand: Playing the piano is a cultural asset, but not a hobby. Existential she meets as it is handled as a concert pianist during foreplay: After a few bars interrupts the chief conductor and recommends her, but perform better in a nursing home, where they will find an appreciative audience. How is Sara cope? At home she reaches for the scissors and broken her philodendron, and although they then like a murderer feels so “she was nevertheless relieved” (page 146).

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Why does the fate Hermann enforce that? He realizes that he is not even able to pack a suitcase. Rosmarie always had taken care of everything. But is now in intensive care: artificial coma, brain surgery. Completely headless Hermann, the floor has been torn away under their feet. He puts the suitcase later secretly from that hospital room, leaving “without Rosmarie another look” (p 160).

A major challenge is the puzzling story “In the forest”. The student Anja lives undetected for three years in a forest. In nature, it has found a home, however, expressly, without being a Ökofreak or are there a. When they married 20 years later, she comes increasingly cope in the normal world. It has always feels in her dreams by a mysterious hunter pursued.

The dance of these scenes, however, begins almost amusing. In the first story, “Summer”, a writer looking for peace to revise an essay. For this he settles down in a remote hotel, paid in advance for accommodation and half board. leave that the house is up to the young girl Ana, who still makes his bed but not a sensible dinner, surprise him, but he does not complain. The house is appearing without electricity and water, and when one day a car with two men (bankruptcy trustee and prospective buyer), Ana has disappeared. A Kafkaesque concept…

Also in “Sweet Dreams” is the protagonist, a writer who – as the author himself. Observed people to let them rise again in his fictional story. Some stories are embedded in the Thurgau region on Lake Constance. The Seerücken, is located the highest point there heavily wooded and in a sparsely populated rural region.

The story collection is masterful works in miniatures. The stories in which Peter Stamm people with mostly unavoidable personal tragedies faced, touch the reader in a peculiar way and yet let him distance, raise more questions than they give answers


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