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“Metro 2033. Peter” Review Essay

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Paper type: Review

Essay on “Metro 2033. Peter”

Metro 2033: Peter – the second book that I read in the universe Dmitry Glukhov. Book on the official website has received very high marks, so I was eager to learn about the St. Petersburg subway

I have to say that the style of this book is very different from the Metro 2033. It is a bit surprising, and one -. It can repel. But for me personally is how describes life in the underground shimun vrochek, very much.

Few want to say about the design of the book. Clearance here for all ten points is fulfilled. Color rusty iron, a stalker in the foreground, in the background of the ship which swallows some sort of tentacles, it is very appealing – the eye is very happy

The book is characterized by humor -. It’s probably a business card of this book. I did not expect this after the baby “Metro 2033”. The book is very smooth up to 280 pages. Very well maintained and beautiful storyline, and the style is not broken. . In the book, which is strange for the genre a little science fiction, but a lot of intrigue and boevki

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Existing characters cause sincere sympathy, especially skinhead Uberfyurer – this is probably the most colorful character in the entire series

. Unfortunately, in the end the author if in a hurry, as if it was running out dates, and he was obviously cut the book. I was just outraged that the entire book is dying only one mediator of the protagonist, but in the last three chapters the author kills absolutely all the actors, leaving alive only the main character, and this is the point in the end just kills. And illogical death. Nevertheless, the last chapter of the book corrects the position and leaves pleasant memories about the book and the ending is still not fully clear, so that each reader will have their end of the novel.

In general, if you look at the whole book, it turns out that shimun vrochek wrote one of the best novels in the series, characterized by its unique style. We look forward to the new book of the author, and I hope that the next time he will not rush and bring his work to its logical conclusion. Put 4 points just for oiled ending.

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