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Tennis Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

Kenton Tennis Club

The project the based in Kenton Tennis Club which is situated in Kenton where Gopal Patel, my uncle is the manager and has been in charge of the day-to-day running of the tennis club for the last twenty years, however the club has been opened since 1905, hence my uncle is one of many mangers…

The evolution of the tennis racket

Until about thirty years ago, wooden rackets were largely the popular rackets used by the majority of tennis players. As the trend to developing new technologies and increasing one’s ability to play, new rackets arose from many new companies. These new rackets were made of metal and metal composites as well as included many advantages…

Victorian Era Sports

Sports allow people to come together and spend time with one another. Women, children and men could all participate In one sport or another. As It Is now, It was back then, a great way to spend time with each other and Just kick back and relax. Some sports that were played back then were…

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Equal Prize Money In Sport

The equality and disparity of prize money for female and male athletes is a contentious and debatable issue that has been going on for numerous years. It is demonstrated in a BBC Sport Study which found that 30% of sports compensate men higher than women whereas 70% of sports reward equal prize money. The biggest…

Tennis Essays

The game has changed dramatically over the last 30 years with the advancement of racquets being the major factor, of which most of the tactical techniques are finally being based around. This is because the racquet technology is increasing the power at which players can hit the ball which is changing the game in terms…

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