Victorian Era Sports

Sports allow people to come together and spend time with one another. Women, children and men could all participate In one sport or another. As It Is now, It was back then, a great way to spend time with each other and Just kick back and relax. Some sports that were played back then were bicycling, croquet, lawn tennis, and soccer. Bicycling was a very popular sport to participate In. It was inexpensive to start and also a great way to get around without having a car.

It started In England In about 1885 hen people needed to save money.

Essay Example on Sports In Victorian Era

By the sass’s people started calling the era the “Golden Age of Cycling”. When cycling first started the “bikes”, as we call them today were a lot different than the bikes we ride today. The front wheel was about 40- 48 Inches In diameter and the rear wheel was about 16 Inches In diameter. This supposedly gave a smoother ride.

Croquet was also a sport of the Victorian era. This sport was one of the few sports that women and men could play together. Since a lot of the sports had to do with speed and strength, many of the girls weren’t allowed to play.

It was very popular around 1856 in England. Croquet started becoming very popular because women could play privately without men, and sometimes even Walt or against men. It malign nave even Eden ten TLS ever co-De game established. Women cheated often in this game by wearing long skirts and hiding their foot when they would kick the ball away from the target stick.

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Men had to read counseling books to learn how to deal with the girl’s behavior so they would not fight. Also Lawn Tennis was an awesome sport during that era. A lot of middle aged women played this game.

After a while men also started playing tennis and a lot of organized competitions were started. At one point, there were so many people playing the game that it became chaotic because of the lack of organized rules, but people still had a lot of fun playing together. During the sass’ the game became patented, universal rules were established and money paying tournaments started. But still, there were still some inconsistent rules so it was still a mess. When All England Croquet Club was formed, a group of lawn tennis players took an entire summer to play and perfect the game.

That was when the boundaries of the net and courts were set and became widely accepted. In 1877 the first serve was served and that’s when the tennis we know today became the amazing sport it now is. Football is one of my favorite sports to watch and it was also a popular sport during the Victorian Era. If you compare it to today’s games, it was like rugby and soccer put together. During ten Totally was more Like ten soccer AT today. It started In England In 1871 and was organized by churches to get more attendance at church.

Thanks to those churches, football as become the number one most popular sport in the America today! The first rules were that the first team who scored 2 out of 3 times won the game. In university football, the players could tackle the other team’s players to keep them from scoring a goal. Those rules eventually became widely accepted and developed into the game we know today. The first governing body ever was the Football Association (FAA). Women didn’t get to play a lot of sports during the Victorian era. Back then weren’t thought of very highly. The two sports women mainly played were croquet and lawn tennis.

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