The following sample essay on “Stereotypes Of Gender Inequality”: tells about stereotypes or rules about how women and men, girls and boys should begin in childhood.

In fact, gender inequality affects everyone no wonder who you are. Stereotypes or rules about how women and men, girls and boys should begin in childhood and follow us through to adulthood. Not everyone is facing the same kind of injustice, those people facing more than one type of discrimination, the situation is worse and often different.

In family, most parents educate their daughters to display dependency, conformity, and domesticity however empowering boys to be strong, competitive, and self-reliant. Thus, when young children see their parents act as traditional gender roles, many of them would view such roles as natural and inevitable leading them to imagine their future as full-time housewives and mothers, as well as full-time paid workers.

In schools, teachers required that girls were for “feminine qualities” and boys for “masculine qualities;” boys and girls were encouraged to choose traditional male and female subjects and then traditional male and female occupations.

It seems that differences in gender occur in learning outcomes and choices of subjects. For example, boys are encouraged to study in engineering and technology, however, the girls are encouraged to study in subjects allied to medicine and languages. Therefore, it may be limited potentials and thoughts of boys and girls.

As previously mentioned, schooling is a huge part of education. It is significant to note that when talking about gender inequality because of gender inequality in education may have a negative effect on educational outcomes as well as a positive effect.

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For example, girls in a school system with high inequality may assume that there will also be inequality in society as a whole as a result of school inequality, which would mean that there are not many opportunities for them to succeed in life. This would decrease their motivation and performance. Other examples include the possibility that more educated siblings are able to increase each other’s educational success by supporting and helping, it has been shown that the importance of a mother’s education brings a positive effect on the health and nutrition of their children.

In a nutshell, gender inequality can affect educational outcomes and schooling experience. Furthermore, misconceptions and gender stereotypes have been around for a long time, and it is more difficult to achieve gender equality in education. Thus, in some cases, we must try to understand how gender representation continues to stagnate and deteriorate across some key topics in order to achieve gender equity as much as possible and arose their potentials.

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