The Influence of Social Norms on Gender Inequality

Among the factors that have influenced the aspect of gender inequality within the modern day society are the social norms. Each and every society across the globe has social aspects and practices attached to the aspect of gender. Brownell & Besnier (2013) explains how social norms have shaped gender parity by far. In every society, there are particular characteristics attached to either gender in aspects of behavior and mode of dressing. A universal example is the high heels. Initially, the high heels were made for men who went out hunting on the horse.

Women began wearing the high heels, and gradually, the men shoes became lower and eventually flat. In the modern society, high heels are perceived to be a female dressing code.

The originality of the social norm that skirts and dresses are meant for ladies while trousers are for men is unexplainable. Gender roles can be explained on the socio-cultural basis, making gender parity a dynamic element that varies depending on the particular social-cultural norms attached to the particular society.

Although the social norms and social gender remains entrenched and socially accepted, they have gradually influenced the aspect of gender parity. Gender parity entails equality in numbers and contributions of both genders within the society. The aspect of gender parity advocates for an equal contribution of both male and female, whether private or public to social, economic and political fields. However, social norms, gender stereotyping, rituals and expectations have undermined gender parity. The aforementioned aspects have catalyzed gender inequality, with either gender giving an unequal contribution to the other (In Groner & In O’Hara, 2014).

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