Issues Beside Gender Inequality That Influence Domestic Violence

The root cause of domestic violence is not related to gender inequality, however domestic violence does get influenced by other Issues that are more problematic than gender inequality. Domestic violence is a big issue worldwide between couples and in relationships. It is a misconception that gender inequality is the root of domestic violence.

There is sufficient evidence to prove that Domestic violence stems from Power and control, culture, and economics. These 3 hot topics are a big cause of Domestic violence that most people may not see.

People may disagree or agree as they have different points of view on domestic violence. There are people who fight for women’s rights and protest to put a stop on gender inequality. Others may not have a problem and may argue back saying that gender inequality does not do harm. Domestic violence is influenced heavily by cultural differences, conflict due to economic conditions, and power and control between genders.

Cultural differences are sometimes the root cause of domestic violence. Intercultural marriage in many occasions exposes this problem. It can be both on an individual level and a family gathering setting. Where the two cultures could disagree, giving rise to conflict and sometimes physical or verbal abuse, for example, when two parents are from different religions and cultures, the issue of bringing up the children in one particular religion and culture could cause problems that can escalate to violence and abuse. the Disagreement between the male and female could evolve from an argument, to a physical and abusive argument.

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As the male is stronger than the woman, the woman is most likely to get violated in this situation. When Marco Oved states “If anything, cultural beliefs may be an aggravating factor enhancing the need for specific deterrence in cases where the sentencing judge is satisfied that the offender continues to maintain those views at the time of sentencing.”(Oved par 19).

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