Gender Inequality in Potty-Mouth Princesses, a Youtube Video

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Scrolling through Facebook like a normal teen I came across a video titled “Potty- Mouthed Princesses” which draws your attention to the work due to such a distinct title This video is presented by the wonderful creators Fck H8, a company that stands for racial, gender and LBGTQ (Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer/questioning) equality. The objective of this youtube video was to bring awareness of gender inequality. Fck H8 uses visual and auditory senses in order to give instruction to social media consumers on gender inequality through examples of lower pay rate and high sexual assault rate for women In the youtube video “Potty-Mouthed Princesses” there are several little girls ranging from around 6—10 years old dressed in cheap princess dresses and makeup who uses swear words not only to steal your attention but to also to portray outrage and anger.

Throughout the video the girls rage facts about gender inequality Their focus is on how women are paid less and how one in five women will be sexually assaulted.

At the end of the video the company advertises t-shirts to raise money to support the charities who are fighting for equal women‘s right everyday. The purpose of Potty-Mouthed Princesses is to share gender inequality facts with the world. Often times important facts may be overlooked such as the fact “women are paid 23 percent less than men for the exact same…work” or that “…women who graduate university with straight A’s get paid just as much as men who only got C’s,” (Fck H8) Although the actors in the video were little girls they showed their anger towards sexism to portray to frustration of women in the United States and also women of the world “One in five women in America will be sexually assaulted by a man”.

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Which means that 3,000 females that attend the University of Iowa will be assaulted sometime in their life, This video was created to bring awareness of the issues everyday women face and to get “grown ups“ involved in taking action. Ever since the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s women began findingjobs outside of the home. (Women In World History) During wars while many of men were overseas women had no choice other than to do go out and work to keep this country functioning, It is now expected for women to hold jobs in the American society but now we are pushing towards to next step to being equal between sexes. For example Amber, a working woman makes $52,365 a year which is 23% less than a man which means she is loosing a little over $12,000 a yearjust because she is a woman. Amber is then unable to put the same amount of money towards her family bills as her husband, Mark, who does the same exact job. On top of that Amber has to make sure she does not put on a few pounds so then her shirt is not too tight to avoid too much cleavage which may lead to her being sexually assualted by a man. America has been pushing to be an equalized country and the video pushes you to take a step in the fight.

The author has created similar videos using children of the relevant background to discuss issues. In the video titled “Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids by FCKI—I8,com” they use African American children to to show outrage of the shooting of Micheal Brown and other black men due to police brutality. Fck H8 fights against the confederate flag using mostly caucasian children in the video ”Kids v Racism: 5 F*cked Up Facts About That F*cked Up Flag”. The majority of their videos educates and advocates gay rights by using various adults. Their most recent video is based off of the Pulse Shooting where 49 people who were in the gay club were shot. The goal of that particular video is to get people out there and vote in order to put a ban on assault weapons to avoid mass shootings.

The current best way to reach people in America is through social media 78 percent of Americans use social media sites and Facebook is the leading site for social media use. (Satista) There are kids as young as 6th graders to some grandparents both young and old who use facebook although I do believe this video was targeted towards adults. Adults may know the simple facts but may not have thought through the actual facts, The company also sells merchandise to raise money for organizations who are fighting everyday for women’s rights and gay rights, Some of the t-shirts for sell use slogans such “Girls just want to have FUN»damental rights”, “Ban F*cking Assault Weapons”, “Make America Gay Again” and so many more supporting various groups Throughout the videos created by Fck H8, children and adults use the word “fuck” a whole lot of times to steal the attention of the audience while giving them simple and important facts, While using extremely Vulgar language their voices are raised, people are more likely to listen when they feel the emotion of others especially if it is an extremely angry voice.

The “actors” use their hands, body language and use of clothing to express what they are fighting for. If it is an issue so simple that even kids can relate to and understand then they use children to show the simplicity of the issue but they usually leave the LGBTQ debates to the adults The overall purpose of “Potty-Mouthed Princesses” is to bring awareness to the inequality of the female and male sexes in America, It is the year 2016, it is about time that “female“ and “male” are just used on a birth certificate, not to define pay or to make it okay to rape, The author uses strong language and tone to get the point of the video across to her viewers Fck H8 is great company who fights for the rights of American people.

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