US Wealth Inequality on Politizane's YouTube

YouTube channel Politizane‘s “Wealth Inequality in America” discusses a shocking statistic on the wealth distribution in the United States. The video is in response to a survey of more than five thousand Americans and their idea of how wealth is distributed in the United States along with that they feel should be the ideal wealth distribution The answers versus the reality are shocking. Ninety-two percent ofAmerican believes wealth in the United States is distributed more equally than the reality One possible explanation for this is the lack of understanding of wealth and exactly how much people make Without full disclosure on how much the wealthy are truly making, American do not have an accurate sense of wealth distribution.

The lack of information distorts the reality, The narrator also poses the question of how much work does the CEO works in relation to an average workers.

According to the video, a CEO makes three hundred eighty times that of an average worker and for an average worker to make as much as a CEO makes in an hour, he/she would have to work about a month of work to do so Assuming the CEO works hard to get to that position, in no way is the CEO working three hundred eighty times an average American workers Also, he discusses stocks and investment in the video.

One way to get a great return in by buying and trading stocks however, people in the lower half are barely scrapping buy, therefore, they do not have the means for investment, which makes it near impossible for them to gain more income through this mean of wealth.

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