Section II begins speaking of the youtube channel of Hennessy

Section II begins speaking of the youtube channel of Hennessy Youngman (Jayson Musson). Youngman goes on to speak of how to become a successful black artist, he suggest black people’s anger is marketable. He also suggest that blacks watch the Rodney King video to in a way uncover that anger. This type of anger is more times than other looked at as insanity and not as what it actually is, simply someone pushed past their limit. An example of Serena Williams is used to demonstrate this.

It was at the 2009 Women’s US Open final when Serena showed the world her rage. The narrator now puts us in the view of someone watching this match from home: “Oh my God, she’s gone crazy, ou say to no one”. Rankine begins to explain how at times this is played as a race card and just because of a person’s skin color people assume they can’t control their anger and are now looked at as “insane”.

“I feel the most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white background” , Rankine uses this quote to set up the situation as Serena being a black woman in a majority white sport and when you are the best in that sport his heat comes to you. Another instance where Serena has felt against a wall would be her match in 2004. This was the day umpire Mariana Alves made five bad calls against Serena in one match. The narrator goes on to say Serena’s black body must’ve been “getting in the way of Alves’s sight line”.

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The year following line call technology had been installed to challenge umpire calls via instant replay. So now there is only a line call official who calls if a players foot touches the line. All commentators disagree with the call along with the replays that cannot pick up on the foul. Serena blacks out on the line judge and once again is thrown up against a white surrounding and is again looked at as insane.

The narrator brings up another instance Serena has been thrown against a “sharp white background”, when announcers had described Serena’s dance saying she was “crip walking all over the most lily-white place in the world… you couldn’t help but shake your head… what serena did was akin to cracking a tasteless, x-rated joke inside a church… What she did was immature and classless”. When asked about these comments made against her Serena asked if she looked like a gangster. She then went on to win all her matches that day not allowing the comments to get to her head. This was looked upon as odd because of her past of losing her cool. This leaves you with the question is this an act or has Serena learned to calm herself down and take herself out of the situation. Can she be the bigger person?

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Section II begins speaking of the youtube channel of Hennessy
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