Monday Begins On Saturday

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it’s brilliant =))): “Labor legislation violated grossly, and I felt that I had gone any desire to deal with these violations, because here at twelve o’clock Christmas night, breaking through the blizzard, people came, which was interesting to bring to a conclusion or start over again some useful thing, than to turn off the vodka itself is pointless jerk down, play and engage in flirting forfeits different degrees of lightness. These people came, which was a pleasure to be with one another than separately, which can not tolerate any kind of Sunday because they were bored on a Sunday.

Magee, People with a capital letter, and their motto was – “Monday begins on Saturday”. Yes, they knew some spells were able to turn water into wine, and each of them would have found it difficult to feed five thousand people with bread. But the wizards were not so. It was the husk, the outer. They were magicians, because so many know so much that the number of passed them finally in quality, and they began with the world in other ways, rather than ordinary people.

They worked at the institute, which is engaged primarily problems of human happiness and the meaning of human life, but even among them, no one knew exactly what happiness is and what is the meaning of life. And they took a working hypothesis, that happiness is the continuous knowledge of the unknown and the meaning of life in the same.

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Each person – the magician in the soul, but it becomes a sorcerer only when he begins to think less about themselves and more about others when it becomes more interesting work than fun in the old sense of the word. “

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