A Review of Hope for Depression, a Video in Youtube

The commercial, Hope for Depression was made to change the way people think about depression. The author wants to make people see depression as an actual illness. The commercial makes you look at the words said to someone with a noticeable illness compared to those being said to someone with an invisible illness. It wants to give a different perspective on the way depression is seen and talked about, By the end of the commercial it says “You never talk like this to someone with cancer.

Don’t talk like this to someone with depression.” The author convince their audience that talking like this to someone with depression can be equally, or more harmful as saying it to someone with cancer, In the commercial, the woman is told things that people with depression hear. The people in her life say things that most people don‘t think are harmful or mean. – Most people will think that depression isn’t real and that mental health isn’t important.

Some say things to try and help, but what they say to her doesn‘t help and make her feel worse.

They tell her to “go outside and get some sunshine”. Saying this to someone with depression is illogical because going outside isn’t going to cure her illness. Nothing really cures depression but it can be treated by a specialist. Her boyfriend tells her to “snap out of it.” No one can just snap out of an illness. Saying this to her will make her feel bad for even having depression.

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Saying things like this to someone with depression is not only hurtful, but can also cause the depression to worsen. Sometimes the person doesn‘t know that what they are saying is harmful and sometimes they do. Sometimes people will know that what they say won’t help the person with depression because they don’t think depression is real and serious. The commercial appeals heavily to emotions, They show a woman with cancer talking with people she cares about. She is also shown trying to reach out and talk with them. She’s shown crying after failing many times and having her loved ones tell her that her illness isn‘t anything serious.

She is shown trying to reach out about her problems and being told “I’m getting tired of hearing about this.“ To a loved one hearing about someone‘s depression can be a bit difficult on them, They may get frustrated and not completely understand how the person with depression feels. She is also told to “stop with the pity party” because her boyfriend doesn’t understand that depression isn’t an attention seeking pity patty. She is suffering alone and he doesn‘t want to deal with her. The woman is also shown crying by herself. It shows that she feels alienated and alone and that she has no one to help her. The commercial also relies on ethos to show that depression is something people should be worried about, At the end of the commercial it shows a link to a website, “Learn what to say, and how to help HopeForDepresionorg” The link shows that there is an organization that want’s to help those with depression, After the link for the website is shown the logo and name of the foundation is shown. Underneath the logo and name is a quote “Funding the best minds, to heal minds”.

It shows that this foundation does research for depression and works to find ways to heal those who have depression. Like cancer research, there are places that work to find ways to help those with depression, This commercial is aimed towards people that do not understand the seriousness of depression. The people who don’t understand depression can be loved ones and friends of a person with depression who want to help. This commercial is great for people that don’t understand how serious depression can be, It also makes them think about what they have said to someone with depression and how they can say something differently. It shows that saying some of the things they think is helpful can be harmful. In the video, there are people from different age groups and relations to the woman This shows that no matter your relation to someone with depression, what you say can have an impact on their life.

Unfortunately most people don’t know that depression isn’t a serious illness, It states that “depression is real. Seriousi Life threatening” in hopes to convey the message to audiences about the severity of this illness. The commercial has shown that depression can be just as real as cancer, This commercial has shown through many rhetorical appeals such as pathos, logos and ethos how serious of an illness depression can be, It is also a commercial that is aimed towards a variety of people who know someone with depression Through these appeals it shows how great this commercial is at rhetorically showing the seriousness of this illness.

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