Products Will Include Fashion and Apparel, Beauty, Health and Fitness

Acsshow (2017) gives detailed information about Miami wholesale Asia America Trade Show is scheduled to take place on Friday, August 25th, and Sunday, August 2017. The show’s main aim is to close the circle between manufacturers, enterprise, wholesalers, importers, service companies, exporters, and distributors. The exhibitors come from Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Korea, and the USA among other countries. There are a variety of business products to be exhibited in this show, they range from sample sales to complete booth sales.

The products would include fashion and apparel, beauty, health and fitness, lines, beddings, bath, kitchen, electronics, hotel and restaurant supplies, and the smoking products among others.

This would give the buyers a range of products Thus, every interested attendee would not miss an item to carry home at the end of the day. The target customers in this exhibition include buyers from 42 Countries of the Caribbean, Latin America, USA and the rest of the world. The customers will have time to interact with the exhibitors by looking at the sample sales and moving to a step of purchasing the sellers Given that this is a public show, potential buyers are encouraged to register as attendees.

The entry fee for customers is free. However, all the customers are expected to register via an online portal. Also, online registration requires the customers to provide personal details, primary job function, a product of interest and the purchasing role. The main sponsor of this show is the Miami Wholesale-Asia America Trade Show which is an independent show producer.

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It is not affiliated to any together show producer. The sponsor is the main host, and thus all arrangements of the three-day show are in the hands of one host.

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