The Importance of Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness have changed and become more beneficial to people over the years. A big part of staying healthy is exercise. Exercise is beneficial to one’s health through living longer, decreasing stress, and increasing self-esteem. The first benefit to exercising is living longer one reason for this is that it builds up a person’s immune system. The Immune system builds up due to cells circulating through the body more quickly and becoming better able to kill bacteria and viruses, But never overdue exercise because you can hurt the body.

Also, another reason why exercising is beneficial to living longer is that it makes a person’s muscles stronger. Muscle mass is metabolically active tissue. In other words. the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn even when you’re not working out.

Its good to know that people can live longer if Ihey are exercising. The next benefit to exercising is it helps to distress a person.

The reason for this is it helps the body relaxes. It reduces the number of stress hormones in the body and also shows on your face With reduced muscle tension. And exercising helps clear the mind. It helps by getting your mind off of stressful events in life, It also produces changes in certain chemical levels in the body, which can have an effect on the psychological state. Exercise is a very good way to de-stress. The last benefit to exercising is higher self-esteem. First, it makes people more confident about their body because they gain control of their body size and weight though fitness.

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It makes them Want to exercise more when you see that your body is in great shape. And last it gives you a positive attitude. Most people look at themselves in a negative way causing them to have a negative attitude. For example when someone looks in the mirror at themselves and theyre thinking to themselves that they are fat and along those lines. A person thinking like this has a negative outlook on themselves. People with negativity will be more upbeat and not negative about themselves and how much they do if they exercise. They Will have a better attitude. Exercise is very good for the body and the mind. Its very beneficial to ones health though living longer, decreasing stress and increasing your self-esteem. In the long run exercising can make a difference in everyone’s lifestyle.

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