The Importance of Health and Fitness to College Students

Health and fitness does it really matter when it come to college students? The answer is yes it does matter, because eating a healthy diet and exercise can give out many benefits, like more energy, lower stress levels, and more! FreshmanlS? What is that? In simple terms, freshmanl is your first year of college or university, and during those year most freshman gain around 5 to 15 pounds. The reason for this is the lack of exercise, eating poor choices and drinking alcohol.

There is many way 5 to avoid freshman for example, instead of drinking soda, and eating junk food, drink water and make your own meal at home, its cheaper and way more healthy then eating a Mc Donald burger. Also, for exercising if you do not have the time to work out in a gym, some of these tips might help. Park far, so you do more walking, instead of taking the elevators take the stairs, and if you are a morning person, try waking two more hours early, and walk orjob, with the extra time do a home excise video, and for alcohol don‘t do it, its not worth it and its bad for you.

Been fit, comes with many benefit, Like more energy, so you can hit the books longer, feeling less sluggish, and haven energy for the whole day, and a quote from Thomas Jefferson “A strong body makes a strong mind”, which means when you are fit and your health is in its best same could go for your education.

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Also, from the New York Times, an article from Tara Parker-Pope, studies have shown that people who have done at lease 60 minutes of vigorous exercise or actives and work harder, most of the students got a 05 higher in there GiP.A then the student who did not do any vigorous exercise or actives. Also, what helps to stay health is taken a nap, and yes a nap, because studies have shown that a 30 minute nap is better then taken a cup of coffee. Studies from the NASA show that a 40 minute nap can increases your awareness by 100 percent.

Exercising is half the battle, and the other half is stay healthy, by eating the right amounts of food and staying up to date with your shots. To start off, keeping a healthy diet can help a college student, because when eating the right nutrition, it can keep the body going to a long period of time with out wearing out or feeling sluggish. What to eat? Well to start off, stay away from eating junk food like chips, soda, and fast food, and because that type of food is either high on sugar, fat, or calories, and some time both, when eating too many of the three, it can lead to many body problem like diabetes, heart problem, and obesity. That why it is important to start early, so in the far future, you can starts haven a healthy life style Learn to eat the right amount of food is very important. To start eating healthy you can talk to a doctor or look for a health client, they can help a lot and lead you to a healthier like stylet.

Also, stays up to date when it come to shot, it can be very substantial, because stay up to date with your shot can reduce your chances of getting sick, and save you money in the far future, also drink lots of water. Drink water can help in many ways, like preventing from dehydration, and heat stroke, and help keep your body active, unlike soda witch makes you more thirsty, tired, and sluggish. Help yourself, after using the bathroom, always wash your hand, by washing your hand you can help others and yourself, in addition, when you have the chance use hand sanitizer, but remember after using hand sanitizer for the third time, wash your hands with water because after the third time, it cause build up, therefore its dose the opposites job, instead of keep germs away, its keeps the germ! Staying healthy is very important; it helps prevent diseases, keeps body up to date, and it’s important to start early so in the future, it becomes a habit to run, and eat healthily. Changing your life is not going to be easy, it is to going to take time to adjust, and dedication At the end of the day, ask your self is your body worth taken care?

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