Obsession for Health and Fitness in America

The American health and fitness boom all started in the latelQBUs and early 19905, and was caused and prolonged by three basic factors: The focus of unhealthy people by television programs and media. The government research and media use to let people know the fact of heart disease and heart attacks being one of the main causes of death in America, and finally, the fact that the health and fitness industry has grown to become worth $52.9 billion and is constantly coming out.

With activities and products designed to get and keep us interested in working out.  The immediate cause of the boom of health and fitness that caused the American people to become obsessed is the attention it received from the media, especially television shows. They were using models to exploit people and show them how they should look. In earlier times. hourglass figures were the product of genetics and corsets, and the emaciated Kate Moss look could simply be achieved by starvation.

Many other people noticed this boom and companies such as TaerBo and spinning, were created Just for the purpose of keeping us interested in working out. Despite this revolution in the fitness industry, many false preconceived notions about losing weight persevere and impede the movement. As the media bombard the American public with unrealistic images, a new obsession With fitness has hit the markets. This boom in health and fitness didn’t go unnoticed by many companies and In contrast to spinning, Tae Bo is not for everybody. Instead. it is a program for the fitness elite. Despite eliminating the overweight, elderly and injury-prone population from its consumers, the Videos have had amazing results. This is not only due to the compact calorie-burning tendency of the Video but the variety of moves and music that can also double as a class in self-defense.

So basically, TaerBo is an excellent cardio and toning workout With the ability to keep people interested. One negative effect of the fitness craze is that most people, when catching the workout fever, are often misled about the results that they are expecting to see. The final effects of the obsession in health and fitness boom is that the number of people who died due to things such as heart attacks and heart-related problems due to being overweight had decreased dramatically. Noticing this reduction the government came out with a plan to reduce the number even further using infomercials about the topic to get more people interested in working out and becoming fitter and living a healthier lifestyle. The basic cause of this obsession to become such a massive industry is the media.

The media is everywhere and can reach you everywhere. in your homes on your way to work there is no hiding from what you see on television. And fitness companies know this and use it to the best of their ability to exploit us and hand out false notions of weight loss. With more and more people aiming to lose weight, the fitness industry has been pressured to accommodate the high demands for efficient and entertaining workouts. This greater variety of workouts hitting the market is a result of the diverse types of people who are trying to get in shape. Health clubs are no longer only for those 20-30-year-olds who are in competitive training or those who need to be fit as job requirements. Instead, these facilities are now packed with people of all ages. and various skill and fitness levels.

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