Inner Beauty Vs Outer Beauty

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Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty Brandi Harbin English Composition 121 Instructor: Amy Morris October 31, 2011 Physical beauty is outside for everyone to see. Physical beauty is usually the way men guage whether to talk to a woman. People can get a second opinion on how a person looks. It is most peoples’opinion that Inner beauty is the most important beauty a person can have. In order to know inner beauty, we must know the person. Some of the greatest views of inner beauty are loyalty, love, and morals.

Loyalty among my friends is expected. Loyalty shows the respect that is being given or receiving by another person.

Others’ believe loyalty stands the test of one’s friendship or relationship. This day and time it is hard to find a friend or a relationship that is based on loyalty and love. Love is the greatest gift one can possess. Whether in friendship or a relationship, we are all searching for love. We all want to be loved and love someone, but it is hard to find that true love.

Therefore, we go through a lot of wrongs to find our right. If we could see this inner beauty first, would we appreciate one another better? Among having loyalty and love, good morals helps a person’s inner beauty.

Short Essay About Inner Beauty

Good morals are a trait we learn from our parents, and apply with others traits to use in friendships and relationships. Morals seem to be a trait people learn but forget to use when looking for a good friend or relationship.

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Good morals help us truly see a person’s inner beauty. A moral is something we strongly believe in and live by, something that is unshakeable in our mind they can either be strong opinions or like personal rules. I wonder how one person can make another person change the way they believe just to be in a relationship or friendship.

We should not sell our selves short for someone else. If we did gage our next relationship by what we believe makes our inner beauty, we will save ourselves a lot of heartache. The truth of the matter is, when a man is looking for a woman they check for outer beauty… Outer Beauty is merely apparent to the physical eye. Would you want to fall for someone that may come off as a shallow person? Most women and or men have tough choices to make when it comes to figuring out which is more important in a person. On one hand outer Beauty is so obvious you can see how radiant, or beautiful a person looks.

As for inner beauty it may not be quite so apparent of their physical beauty, but their inner beauty could possibly be wonderful. On one hand Outer beauty can be a good thing, models are very successful because of their beauty. I can see how being beautiful on the outside can be beneficial to them, their career is based upon their looks. Could this be a bad career choice? The positive side of this is obvious, the money would be wonderful and have people idolize you. There are negatives to this though. It can also teach young people everywhere, that this is how you are supposed to look .

The Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty of a person has so many positive and negatives. In conclusion, think about all the facts and statements, which is more important in searching for the man or woman of your dreams? As people it is important to really analyze how to tell if someone has inner beauty, or outer beauty. Beauty is Beauty regardless of which is more important to each person. When finding love someone’s perception of beauty may not be noticeable to another persons’ eye, or it may. Inner Beauty or Outer Beauty? Every person should determine what to look for in their partner.

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