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American University, one of the leading colleges in DC, has reliable Metro access, and streets and lively campus, AU has so much to offer.

Home to some of the town’s best restaurants, shops, the historic streets, and that offers amazing eats, spectacular shopping, and views you can’t get from any other vantage point in DC.

When you’re hungry and bored at AU, we’ve got your back! With tons of options and places to go and choose from Friendship Heights to Tenleytown and Capital Heights, it can be hard to make a decision.

Here’s the inside scoop at what makes this neighborhood special to locals, tourists, and families alike.


American University is located in a residential district of Washington, D.C. that combines the advantages of a traditional college setting with opportunities of a global capital city. AU resides with 90 acres in Tenleytown. Wisconsin Avenue serves as the neighborhood’s main arteries, with residential side streets, restaurants, and yoga places.

Accessible by the Metro (the closest stops are Tenleytown and Friendship Heights) AU is the middle of Northwest DC.

History: Elevator Pitch Style

American first founded in 1914, is the navigable town on the most bustling street in Northwest DC, AU has an early religious and background. With a rumored ghost in Kreegar Hall, AU allowed testing and research on the premise during World War I.

With two contingious campuses

American’s location also helped establish the neighborhood as the perfect place for professionalism and business, hosting military leaders to JFK.

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Today, the area is home to numerous high-end, shops, restaurants, and historical homes.

Can’t-Miss Things to Do

Escape Room Insomnia DC is a real-life escape game! You and your friends are locked in a room for 1 hour to find clues, solve puzzles, and uncover mysteries to find the exit. Shop the Mazza Galleria with endless stores to shop, a movie theater to see the latest blockbusters and a bustling restaurant area to eat, drink and have fun!

Need some time to relax? Take a yoga class or more at the Washington Yoga Center to find your inner peace. Want to kick up the heat? Try Haute Bodhi Hot Yoga, where classes are 105 degrees Fahrenheit to relax every bone in your body.

“Mangia (Pronounced: Mahn-Ja) is Italian for eat, enjoy, and coming together to enjoy a delicious meal.” Go on a Mangia DC Metro Food tour to treat your taste buds to the best resturants in the DC Capital area.

Where to Eat & Drink


Need to take care of your hangover? Stop by Steak n’ Egg, this 24/7 diner is known for non-stop breakfast and the after-parties on weekends. Everybody needs to recharge with some protein and coffee at some point. Look no further than The Davenport Cafe for your caffeine recharge. With all your basic coffee and baked goods, it’s no wonder why local and non-locals alike hang at the Dav.

Tryst Coffee, this trendy coffee shop has an excellent food menu and full bar in the evenings. Tryst often features live music in the evenings, which are posted on their Facebook page. Little Red Fox feels like the perfect place to sip on a latte and procrastinate your daily life tasks. They have wifi and communal seating if you’re looking for a chill spot to do work.


Need something vegetarian? Beefsteak’s recipes have created delicious veggie meals that won’t have you pushing your broccoli to the side of the plate.Whether your veins pump red sauce and cheese or you’re just craving some affordable pizza, Angelico’s has delivery, take-out, and dine-in options for your Italian needs.

Casbah is a hidden Mediterranean gem. Their delivery is prime when you’re craving some authentic falafel. Order something different from your ordinary pizza. Italian government certified to serve real Neapolitan pizza, 2 Amy’s is the perfect place when you and your friends want to go out for authentic pizza.

Bar &Drinks

Kitty o’ Shea’s, is tiny and cramped but that is part of its charm. Fun bartenders, good service and the food aren’t bad. Perfect place to have a Guinness with friends and watch football.

When there’s a Sunday football game or going during the week for their Happy Hour, head over to Chatter. A comfortable place to hang with friends with a great bar menu. Tenley Bar & Grill is a sports bar with great food and a bunch of flat screen TVs that are always showing multiple games. Go relax and grab a snack or sit back and have some cocktails with friends.

Need a switch from on-tap beers, Barcelona Wine Bar offers a variety of wines with shareable tapas and Spanish foods for friends. Other Attractions and Things to Do near American

Located on the 2nd floor of the Chevy Chase Pavillion, the Civil Cigar Lounge offers private rooms, personal humidors/lockers, a cigar menu is extensive with over 75+ different types of cigars. Take a tour at the Washington National Cathedral. Bring your inner-historian out and check out the fourth tallest structure in DC with is stained windows and 20th-century gothic architecture.

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