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Yoga Provides Us With Inner Peace
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American University, one of the leading colleges in DC, has reliable Metro access, and streets and lively campus, AU has so much to offer. Home to some of the town’s best restaurants, shops, the historic streets, and that offers amazing eats, spectacular shopping, and views you can’t get from any other vantage point in DC. When you’re hungry and bored at AU, we’ve got your back! With tons of options and places to go and choose from Friendship Heights to…...
Yoga and Art Therapy
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To discuss the importance of art is like attempting to limit the thoughts a person has, it's impossible to list all the things that it has influence over as it’s subject field is ever growing and expanding. Art is a subject that all people, whether talented or untalented, can take an interest in and can enjoy viewing or creating. It has the ability to relate to everyone and everything and to make a person more comfortable in any situation. The…...
Art TherapyYoga
Six Important Morning Rituals
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6 Morning Rituals That Will Make Your Mornings Lovely If you hate mornings, you just need to change your attitude. It is that simple. Starting the day in a good mood at 6.30 seems to be something out of this world. However, it’s possible to rise and shine if you’re motivated enough and have some morning routines to do. Especially, if those rituals are beneficial to your health. Here are the six healthy rituals from to start your day…...
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Yoga Is Effective for Arthritis
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introduction Osteoarthritis(OA) is a degenerative joint disease characterized by breakdown or loss of cartilage due to wear and tear. Any joint can be affected by this disease particularly knee, hip and finger joints. Limited range of motion, swelling, pain and stiffness in the joints are the common symptoms of the disease. Based on studies, there is higher prevalence of hip osteoarthritis in elderly white populations of both women and men in United States compared to Asian. However, population of Asia…...
Workouts To Mix Up Your Routine
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The following sample essay on "Six Workouts To Mix Up Your Routine" talks about a fun exercise with the structure and direction fundamental. From the article you will learn what to do to invigorate the body and spirit. There are such a significant number of alternatives out there now for gathering classes. Look over elevated yoga and bouncing back to submerged turning, cardio circuits, pilates reformer classes thus significantly more. You'll as a rule locate a truly complete calendar all…...
ExerciseHealth And FitnessPhysical ExercisePhysical FitnessYoga
My Impressive Yoga Day Experience
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I walked in the room on my first day of yoga class and soon enough the motivation was evident . The air was pregnant with tranquility which was necessary for an environment being setup for a series of mind stimulating exercises. The yoga instructor, who had an extremely well-proportioned body, started off with a routine which became one of my favorites throughout the semester. Aimed to sooth the tension in your lower back, the cat stretch immensely improved my posture…...
ExerciseExperiencePhysical ExercisePhysical FitnessYoga
Solar Yoga
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Music: Om Namah Shiva by Jah WobbleDescription: Motif 1: A tray like movement with the arms, one arm is carried across the body followed by the other arm. From either right to left/left to right, depending on the direction that the dancers are going to travel in.Motif 2: A wiping action, where the hand sweeps across the opposite arm, from shoulder to arm, to lead in to the next movement.Main Choreographic Devices used:* Wipe motif is performed sometimes with one…...
CulturePhysical ExerciseSpiritualityYoga
The Yoga Sutras
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The Sutras are built on a foundation of Samkhya doctrine. The division into the Eight Limbs ( Sanskrit Ashtanga ) of Yoga is evocative of Buddha 's Baronial Eightfold Path ; inclusion of Brahmaviharas ( Yoga Sutra 1:33 ) besides shows Buddhism 's influence on parts of the Sutras.In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali prescribes attachment to eight `` limbs '' or stairss ( the amount of which constitute `` Ashtanga Yoga '' , the rubric of the 2nd chapter )…...
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