Smokers should not smoke in inappropriate places

There are a lot Of people smoking outside the ML Center (where there are ‘no smoking’ signs on each of the benches), on the path between Davies Hall and tat classrooms, in the liberal art breezeways, in front of the theater box office, at the isle between Davies Hall and the Ranch House, and many other places around campus. I don’t understand why smokers are being so ignorant while other people’s health is at stake because of the smoke.

There are a lot of people that come to ARC, such as young adults, adults, elders, children, and pregnant women, and all of them could be victims of second-hand smoke because of the smokers’ ignorance.

Smoking is not good for your health; smoking could harm nearly every organ of your body. According to Better Health, smokers have a high rate of developing heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The most common cancer that happens because of smoking is lung cancer, but this fact doesn’t rule out the possibility that you may be exposed to other cancers, such as cancers of the cent,’ix, liver, stomach, and many other cancers.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking causes general adverse effects on the body.

Smoking can decrease your immune system’s ability to function, decrease bone density, and decrease the quality of sperm. Even people who smoke less than five cigarettes a day can have early signs of cardiovascular disease. Not only smokers can develop these diseases, but victims of second-hand smoke can also develop these diseases.

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Smoking is also very dangerous for pregnant women because it will affect the baby’s health before and after birth. The baby can be stillborn, have low birth weight, or can be disabled. Thesis:] Smokers should not smoke in inappropriate places at ARC because it will cause bad effects for the smokers and the victims-of-second-hand-smoke’s health. There were several ARC students that I asked why they smoke, and they said because they want to. They feel cool, manly, handsome, and good when they smoke. Then, I asked why they smoke where there were ‘no smoking’ sign around, and they also said because they want to. They said that they were American, they live in the United States, and United States is a country of freedom, thus they can do whatever they want.

Even though united States is a country of freedom, and we live in the United States, we need to remember that there are limits on every freedom. There are laws that you need to follow even when you live in the United States. Since you are a student at ARC, you have to follow the regulations of ARC. For those who are unaware or ignorant, let me tell you, there are banners and signs scattered throughout the campus. These banners and signs are there not for decoration, but they are there to inform you, and you need to follow them.

In addition, there is a legitimate law that forbids you to smoke at certain areas e ARC; you can ask the police, you can see the catalog online (ARC 2014/2015 Catalog, 40), or you can buy the catalog at the bookstore. Even when some smokers that talked to knew about the ‘no smoking’ sigma they still didn’t follow the rules. One of them said, “There are so many people hat are smoking over here, and no one got arrested. So why should I bother about the sign? ” believe this kind of statement came out because they only think about themselves without regarding other people.

So, if other people break a rule does that mean it is okay to break the rule? The answer is no. You should realize that there is a reason for every rule. There are places where you can smoke, and there are some places where you can’t. You should be more responsible of yourself rather than following other people’s wrong behavior. You should understand that our police can’t take care of you very time. The police capability is very limited. You should help the police by following the rules and not smoking in inappropriate places. I do understand that a lot of people were smoking to relieve their stress and/or anxiety.

There were several smokers that said that they smoke right outside of the classroom because they were stressed, and they didn’t have time to go to a more appropriate place to smoke. I understand their feelings because I have experienced stress too, but it didn’t mean that whenever got stressed I have to smoke. You should have realized that there were people inside the lassoer, and if you smoked right after you got out from class, your smoke could got into the classroom. The classroom is an enclosed place where air circulation is very limited.

Your smoke would be inhaled by all the people which were inside the room, they would instantly became victims of second-hand smoke, and they could also experience shortness of breath. Know that all you wanted was to make you feel better, but don’t torture other people in order to make you feel better. Can’t make you quit smoking, but urge you t’ stop smoking. If you feel stressed or uneasy before or after class, and you ant to relieve your stress or anxiety, you can chew some gum instead of smoking. If you can’t quit smoking, but you want to have less risks of health problems, you could try the electric cigarette.

The smoke from the electric cigarette is less dangerous and odorless, and the nicotine contained in the electric cigarette is less than the regular cigarette. If you don’t want to change your smoking behavior, I suggest you to ask the campus faculty to provide you several designated smoking areas at ARC. However, there are also several places that can be your legitimate smoking areas such as the benches in front f the Student Service Center, the benches beside the pick-up/drop-off spot near the Davies Hall, the park in front of the bookstore, and the park next to the Administration Building.

By smoking at the designated areas, you can smoke freely without disturbing other people, and the people who don’t smoke can stay away from your designated smoking areas so that they won’t be a victims of second-hand smoke. Hope that you are willing to do any of the options that I mentioned above. By doing that, you will not create any victims of second-hand smoke, and you will not torture yourself and others tit your smoke.

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