Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned

Smoking has always been a big tradition among adults. As time passes it is becoming a object that teenagers use for social stability. It is not popular to the teenagers to smoke alone. They need the gratification of other people seeing them smoke. This factor leads them to smoke in public places. They don’t take in consideration how it will affect the other people in their area. I disagree strongly with people smoking in public places. One of many reasons I disagree with public smoking is the health of the people around the smoker.

People will light a cigarette anywhere not thinking about how it could affect individuals around the smoker. Many people have very strong allergies toward cigarette smoke. Second hand smoke impacts some people’s health severely. There are cases where a person had difficulty breathing due to someone smoking in a restaurant where the victim was eating. The odor left behind from a smoker is a smell that cannot be changed.

The smoke leaves a sticky residue that is nasty. Letting people smoke in restaurants actually downgrades the class of a restaurant. Ashes are another contributing factor that makes smoking in a public place wrong.

No one wants to set down and look at the light in a restaurant and see smoke and ashes floating around the food bar and all the other people in the restaurant. Many people will not eat in a restaurant where they allow smoking. Smoking is a habit that should be put out of our everyday life.

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It is an unnecessary part of culture that has destroyed the health of many young adults. Smoking should be banned from every public place. There should be no designated smoking area in a restaurant, or any other public facility. Pollution is another big issue. Smoking is a cause and form of pollution.

There is a lot of research that shows many kinds of gases that are released by smoking are harmful for the environment, such as tar and carbon dioxide. Everyone knows that now the environment is getting worse and worse. Everyone needs to do their part and stop smoking. I want to say there are no reasons left to permit smoking in public places. I think that maybe this is the time for people to quit smoking. Smoking hurts everyone not just the smoker. It has worsened the lives of many people for ever. Banning smoking is not just for us, but for everyone who has to live in this world after us.

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Smoking in Public Places Should Be Banned
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