Millions of People Around the World Smoke Marijuana

Do you know 238 million people worldwide smoke marijuana? 75 percent smoke marijuana to relieves pain the other 25 is to be creative. Marijuana is green, some people probably prefer to say weed. It’s a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants. Marijuana she be legal because marijuana can make your eyes healthy, marijuana helps with your muscles, marijuana can help sleep, marijuana decreases depression, and marijuana can make you more healthy. Weed can make can your eye vision better.

In the text it says, ¨One of the most common reasons that states allow medical marijuana use is to treat and prevent eye disease.¨ This piece of evidence proves that marijuana will help you when you have an eye disease. In the text it says, ¨Studies conducted then showed that smoking marijuana lowered the IOP of people with glaucoma.¨ Doctors gives people marijuana to help to help get rid of eye disease. This shows that marijuana can be good and help you with your daily life.

In addition to vision marijuana it can also decrease depression. In the text it says, “A study conducted by Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience found that THC ‘reduces the negative bias in emotional processing,’ which means weed could be used to help people cope with depression and other psychiatric disorders.” When u smoke marijuana negative thought and actions go away you think before your actions. In the text text it says, “A study published by USC and SUNY Albany found that ‘those who consume marijuana occasionally or even daily have lower levels of depressive symptoms than those who have never tried marijuana.

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’ its saying marijuana is good in ways it help you feel better in your daily life if u are depressed. Marijuana is known for helping depressed people to stop stressing and not to feel so much pain.

Marijuana is healthy because it is a medicine that u can get subscribed to. It can be used to help u cure cancer and for kids that was born with a kind of disorder. If marijuana isn’t healthy it would not help you fight things you cannot control. Marijuana can help you lose weight which keeps you stay in shape and that is good for your health. In the text it says, “In addition to giving you a smaller waistline, researchers also discovered that marijuana may boost your metabolism, increase fat loss and lower cholesterol.”

Weed also make u more aware of thing that happens. Marijuana make u think more and better, like it opens up your mind and u dont talk as much u think more. It also make u feel powerful about yourself. and make u do good things u wouldnt did if u was sober. In the text it says, “You suddenly are more aware of every passing second of your surroundings. You observe faster, you interpret faster. Your reflexes are at a boom then.” In conclusion there is more positives about marijuana then negative. The government should make it legal. Also, it can help you in different ways and it has been a proven fact, that it could help you with stuff that doesn’t have a bad effect. Marijuana will be good for the community, and hospitals can use it which would be great because it is not too strong

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