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Medical digitized records, powerful imaging devices, small sophisticated tools – medical technology plays an important role in modern healthcare system and significantly alter the provision of care.

The world of medical technology is vast. It includes all the medicines, instruments, procedures, and support systems necessary to provide care. Recognized medical experts indicate that medicine become increasingly dependent on the technology. They already became a part of hospitals and even invade our homes.

According to the experts, the technologies are used in all medical fields.

Doctors and specialists use them both for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment as well as for the rehabilitation or home care. For example, doctors use vaccines to prevent disease outbreaks, medical imaging for early detection, or laboratory tests and screening for diagnoses. In addition, there are supporting technologies, such as sterilization, and those relating to infrastructure of hospitals, particularly for ensuring the power supply in case of failure. Without this technology, about 80% of care could not be provided.

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Medical technology is often associated with big expensive devices such as scanners, the magnetic resonance imaging, and nuclear medicine imaging systems. However, these devices represent only a small part of the medical arsenal of a health facility. The park equipment also includes thousands of small instruments and medical devices. It is in this area where there is the largest number of innovations.

In many other sectors there are important technological advances, including laboratory analysis. For example, development in genetic testing allows to predict the risk of certain cancer types.

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Drug technologies also demonstrate considerable progress. Today, drugs are used not only to treat patients, but also to prevent diseases, reduce symptoms, and improve quality of life for people with chronic disease. This change affects spending on drugs. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the cost of drugs has increased from 288 million in 1975 to six billion thirty years later, which represents 22% of health spending in Quebec.

In short, if medical technologies improve the quality of health care and health care delivery, they also pose many challenges to be faced.

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