Anesthesia, Medical Research and Electronic Medical Records

Over the past couple of years, there has been an amazing improvement in our healthcare system. As the research and development in the introduction to technologies in the medical field increased, it gave abilities to our doctors to serve us, as patients in a productive and more accurate way. In the modern world, technology plays a big role in our lives, as well as in healthcare. If we were to compare medical care today verses last 10 to 15 years, you can see how much changes there has happened to technology, especially in.

Anesthesia, medical research, and electronic medical records. Anesthesia is widely being used today in many hospital settings, dental offices, and clinics, to minimize patient pain during surgical procedures. Imagine having to feel the pain during surgery, and not having a pain relief medicine or some kind of block for pain.

Many years ago, doctors would only use anesthesia when the patient was at the death stage because people preferred to suffer through the pain, instead of going under the knife conscious.

  Well, that is why anesthesia was discovered, by a dentist named William Morton. He did research and discovered that when small animals or human being inhaled sulfuric ether, they passed out on the spot and became unresponsive. Research went on and others like William came up with better ideas and ways to use anesthesia on humans, without hurting them. Which then began the story of the anesthesia. General anesthesia then come long ways to the point where it is safest among all procedures.

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Other technologies such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI machines and even 3D printing contribute to the benefit of medicine MRIs use large magnet, radio waves and computers to take an image of the patient’s organs, which helps doctors see what kind of problems the patient might have internally.

3D printing is also very useful, because of it’s ability to print bones, organs, and custom hearing aids, when needed can also replicate a certain organ so that they don’t risk a patient’s life when the study is done on it. This kind of innovations helps save more lives without these medical advancements, it would be difficult to diagnose symptoms accurately. For medical providers, it has been a great resource to help diagnose patient problems, which is widely used in hospitals today. Nowadays doctors can have better access to patient history and records, which helps them chart the patient’s information in half the time. For example, video communication, which happens when there is an emergency and the doctors need to get a hold of a physician from different states, saves them time and money that they would have used to travel. Physicians and patients are both seeing the benefits that these new medical technologies.

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