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Religion is essential for geographers to understand how humans occupy Earth because It Is an Important element in culture, and leaves a strong imprint on the physical environment. Geographers stay focused on the elements of religion that are geographically significant (el: migrants carry their religion with them to a new location).

Geographers distinguish religions Into two categories: universalistic religion ‘ a religion that attempts to appeal to all people, globally, not just those living in a particular location; precise hearths nch ‘ a large and fundamental division within religion

Denomination ‘ a division of a branch that unites a number of local congregations In a single legal and administrative body Sects ‘ a relatively small group that has broken away from an established denomination Ethnic religion ‘ a religion that appeals primarily to one group of people living In one plac he belief that objects or natural events has a discrete spirit and conscious life) are also included as ethnic.

The US displays regional variations In adherence to religions and the distributions are the result from patterns of Immigration to the US attempt by adherents of one religion to organize Earth by spatial distribution.

A group convinced that Its religious view is the correct way may spatially invade upon the territory of others (el: Religious conflicts In Ireland of the northern area of Protestants and the rest of the country of Roman Catholics: the conflicts fought in Israel/Palestine ‘ a literal interpretation and a strict and intense adherence to basic principles of a religion

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