Reasons Why We Need Hipaa

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Promotes Personal and Societal Values

The importance of privacy for patient is needed for supporting basic human rights. It is but obvious that privacy supports some fundamental values such as individuality, respect and dignity and ability to make own health decisions. Privacy is also vital element of a free society, providing societal values and the personal values. If patients know their data is secure than they also feel confident. Now days there are some dieses which is not accepted by society so for that reason also we need to secure data.

Provide More Transparent Healthcare

When patient knows their information is safe, they are more freely share their health concerns to the doctors and providers. This is especially important with problems such as reproduction and substance abuse, but also important to wider sphere of health concerns. To provide quality level of health care service, doctors need to understand patients will be candid and honest and privacy of data an important element of the relationship.

Currently all money related transaction which needed in health care are made online so if we not provide transparency on that than might chance to lose business.

Noncompliance is Expensive

Penalties for non-compliance of Hipaa regulations have become more costly nowadays. More likely, breaches may involve contacting a large percentage of your customer’s base, Which requires some extra effort from your staff. As today’s booming IT Era technology continues to be vulnerable to thieves and hackers, the loss of patient health data might be chance to cost more compare to your business.

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Also if you store more inventories for future use it’s also very dangerous. If you find your stored data is no longer valid than you again have to facing extra budget issues which harm to your practice again.

New Breach Notification Rules Expose More Breaches

The federal government is cracking down on Hipaa breaches, With new regulation that make some simple to execute federal investigations or penalties from a maiden security breach. More ever, the department of health and human services is expanding their team in order to research more potential breaches. Even some of independent organizations are getting involved with enforcement of Hipaa compliance. So this is the subject of investigation and when government doing more investigation there might be chance to expose some new breaches.

It is not an option

So Hipaa is not a option for all health care organization or their business related to health care organizations. So If any rules and regulation of Hipaa not followed by all health care related organizations than this is big crime. Service guilty of breaches also known as social media news and make this information public in not well for respective organization. We are living in 21st centaury where you cannot afford non-compliance of any rule of Hippa. So Hipaa compliance is a necessity for all health related organizations today, the complex rules of hipaa might be time consuming and hard to understand for each and every health organization. So government should have to provide some guideline or training for people who working in health-related organizations. What is advantage of Hipaa IT Compliance??

Overcome Medical Errors, Patient trust and satisfaction.

If we use well quality software in health care industries than might be we can overcome medical errors. Let’s start with billing; if we provide well IT application for billing in health organization they can manage all patient transaction and vendors’ transaction without any error. Result of this increase the patient trust to the organization. Also good health care related software provides good security on patient data. So patient can search any medication and treatment related document on health portal without any hesitation.

Reduce health care fraud and abuse

So if we provide such great medical software to heath care industry which lead to health care organization into reduced care fraud and abuse. So let’s take example with it compliance we provide application which automatically take care all patient data such as dieses information, medicine information, appointment details, doctor details, insurance details, health progress and many more. So patient doesn’t rely on any doctor or pharmacist. Patient can maintain their own data and if they know all details about medicine and dieses than might be less chance of fraud.

Advantage of Administrative Safeguards

Security of data is most important concern in health care organization. So if we talk about administrative safeguards than first thing we need to take care about Security Personnel. The person who setup and implementing health care rules is responsible for security policy and procedures. Information access management is also second concern about safeguard. Person who taking care of information access portal needs to very particular and very choosy. If this admin give permission to all other sub admin to access personal data of patient than might be chance to data security issues. Workforce training is also major part of safeguard data. If organization introduced new implementation than they also have to train their staff about this new enfacement. Also team which is responsible for audit needs to learn all rules and regulation. So evolution of all security rules is also very important to analyze organization regulation meet the requirements. So using these all administrative safeguard we can safe our data from administrative perspective.

Advantage of Physical Safeguard

Permission is the very important concern when we talk about physical safeguard. Person who responsible for covered entity must provide limitation of access. So here we can say that permissions should be divided in to category or group such as admin, super admin, sub admin, manager and staff. Also workplace security is big concern in physical safeguard. Organization has to provide some implementation technique to safe workplace. Device security is also playing good role to secure personal information. So providing these all physical guard will definitely help to secure patient data.

Advantage of Using latest Security Technology and Process

To using latest security technology we can manage our security environment more safely and securely. Its help organization to building, hosting and monitor secure information. Multi level security also helps to mange video surveillance, access control and environment controls. I network side it helps organizations to managed server, cloud, network and power.



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