Main Reasons Why Do People Travel

With the development of society, the tourism industry has become one of the industries with the strongest momentum and largest scale in the world economy. As for China, it appears to be one of the mainstays of China’s future development and the first choice of relaxation to many people. Miscellaneous choices of travelling packages, such as luxury tour and expedition tour, indicate that the purposes of travelling differ among people. From my perspective, this ongoing trend of travelling may be attributed to three reasons.

Firstly, people travel out of curiosity.

The mass explosion of media exposes people to endless flow of information, thus expanding their horizon to an unprecedented extent, which arouses people’s curiosity about the unknown. The more curious one gets, the more one wants to explore the unexplored. Splendid natural wonders like Grand Canyon in the States and Great Barrier Reef in Australia, magnificent architectures like the Imperial Palace in China and Versailles in France, alluring distinctive ethnic cultures, thrilling adventures like gliding and diving… attract people like magnets.

Only through travelling can theses so-called splendor, magnificence, allurement and thrills be real. Besides, curiosity also leads people to mediation and reflection: what is the difference between our own culture and its counterparts? Is the account in documentaries or tour guide mirroring the reality of that society? Some travelers got disillusioned when seeing the ugly cracks on the wall of the beautiful Sydney Opera House, while others felt surprised when tasting a palatable dish in Britain which is known for its terrible cuisine… no matter how reality treats you, this precious experience cannot be attained by mere reading and daydreaming, and only through travelling can people’s curiosity be fully satisfied.

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Other Reasons Why People Travel

Secondly, people travel for the sake of freedom. The need of fleeing from stressful reality encourages the emergence of travelling types like leisure and relaxation travelling, whose items, in contrast to the expedition type, mainly include nothing but mere free activities in some agreeable holiday resorts. Most of these resorts provide people with gorgeous seaside or mountainous view and various types of services, offering physical and psychological enjoyment, which is exactly what modern people under stress and pressure are eager for. They aspire for the freedom of doing what they are interested in with no restraint from heavy workload and heated ompetitions. This freedom gives them the sense of re-controlling their life.

Consequently, the growing popularity of tourist destinations like Bali and Maldives over recent years can be explained. Thirdly, people travel in need of socializing. Travelling with beloved ones can be a lifelong-treasured memory. The preparation before the journey, the design of the itinerary, the emergencies in the way can foster understanding and enhance relationship. Though sometimes conflicts happen, the settlement of disagreements can bring good to the future development of relationships.

In addition to improving extant relationships, one can even make new contacts en route. If you join a tour group, days of harmonious companionship in a tourist group will surprisingly bond group members together, so it is really possible for you to get to know a like-mind intimate; if you travel alone, you will be surrounded by welcoming smiles from local people. All in all, travel can marvelously repair and enlarge your social circles. In conclusion, travelling is an ideal way to meet our physical and psychology needs.

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Main Reasons Why Do People Travel
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