the French and Indian War as One of the Main Reasons for the American Revolution

If the French and Indian war never happened the American Revolution would have probably would have tried to occur but would have ultimately failed in the end, The French allied with the Indians would have continued to attack English settlements until they won against the inexperienced colonist troops at the time and ultimately take control over America in name of the Louis, Britain which would have been weakened by the French and Indian war because
the French and Indian war left London with “its staggering war debt (Brinkley 98)” would be no longer in debt.

Finally America we know today would be very different.

Had the French been never been overpowered by the British, and if the French continued being allied h the Indians, the French would have both continued to grow their strongholds on the Mississippi and continue their expansion westward. Also, they would be able to continue to “launce a series of raids on western English settlements (94)” with Indian tribes to attack the colonists who had little to no experience in war, ultimately causing the colonists 10 cithers to accept defeat or live under the new French and Indian customs.

If the French had destroyed the colonists under this scenario the revolution would not have occurred, and they would have been the superpower to deal with in trade, not Britain, If the colonists decided fo instead to live under French rule one could assume that there would still be great political questions such as should we demand independence for the French, instead of the British.

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Also since the French were religiously tolerant and quickly adapted customs they ‘might have let the colonists stay within their New England area instead of taking it over.

If allowed to maintain the land and assuming the colonists still had great Feelings for the British, many colonists continued to think of themselves as loyal English subjects. The British without debt would have been also able to easily quash any attempts for freedom. For without the French and Indian war the British would both have the upper hand in both funding and experience in war without ever being weakened, like if the colonists formed a rebellion. If the colonists resented taxes or continued resistance, sure they could revolt and attempt to keep the resistance alive by “writing and taking” along with dissenting leaflets, pamphlets, and books, but if Britain caught on they could have easily put a stop it by increasing troops to destroy and kill off whoever was found guilty of resistance. Then as time went on, if Britain maintained control, due to its power, over New England both the borders within the United States of America, and the economy would have evolved to be very different. The borders within America would probably be set by the French. The economy in general instead of becoming an independent nation, colonists if still under British contro}, would still have “dependence on the British imperial system (131)”. Also if all the colonies remained loyal to Britain and agreed on terms such as slavery, the civil war may have never occurred. This type of agreement would have never been possible if the French and Indian war had occurred because with it came greater tensions toward Britain, For example, before the French and Indian war slavery would be considered a fairly controversial topic, and the divided colonists, would be “reluctant cooperate in larger ways (92)” such as how to deal with slavery. Since we assume colonists would remain loyal to the British in this scenario, we could assume the colonists felt safe with them, thus they might never wane to break away and start their rebellion, We could assume this because before the French and Indian war many colonists “felt stronger ties to England then they did to the other American Colonies (92). Since they would be more inclined to listen to the British, the colonists, even if New England was under British control, would at least be agreeing for the most part with each other instead of fighting.

In conclusion, if the French and Indian war didn’t happen the series of events that may have occurred are endless. The French may and may not have been allowed to stay If they were still allied with the Indians. If they did allow us to stay and the British Empire still had New England they could have easily put a stop to any revolts because they would be stronger and not in debt. Finally, if the war didn’t occur then America as we know it would have evolved both economically different along with different borders in Rladasebaetinee Sede parallel- Dike else.

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