Why College Students Need to Focus on Wording and Organization Skills in Order to Get Better

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A lot of college students are wanting to become better writers for multiple reasons. The first reason is to be a better student so that their professors will remember them easily, secondly, they might want to be able to be appealing to other peers. College students need to take in some tips from various people. If college students truly do want to get better than they would work on or focus on their wording and organization skills.

College students would need to have wording skills.

Richard Lederer is an author of an essay, ” The Case for Short Words”, who focuses on giving college students plenty of tips that all college students need to hear. Lederer claims that, ” A lot of small words, more than you might think, can meet your needs with a strength, grace, and charm that large words do not have” (158). It is clear that Lederer believes that using small words can also make the paper stand out. Lederer also states, “For centuries our finest poets and orators have recognized and employed the power of small words to make a straight point between two minds” (159).

Lederer is trying to give college students hope that they can relate to famous people that have created many things.

William Zinsser is another author of an essay, “Simplicity” who also focuses on giving tips to various students ranging from high school to college. Zinsser states in his essay, “Thinking clearly is a conscious act that writers must force on logic…” (176). Zinsser is trying to explain that being able to clearly think is an act that comes naturally; without being forced to come onto.

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Richard Lederer and William Zinsser both talk about how to become a better writer. Lederer was trying to tell students that they can use short words, and he was trying to make the students, and famous poets, and orators connect. He didn’t want to make people feel as though no one can do it. He also wants the college students to be inspired to do think about their wording in the process of when they write their essays. Zinsser was using an approach of trying to make students have a different thinking about wordiness. Zinsser was trying to explain that without clear thinking that people can’t write very well and therefore they won’t succeed or have many readers.

College students would have to work on organization. Richard Lederer and William Zinsser also gives advice about organization. Lederer concludes that, “In fact, the structure helped me focus on the power of the message I was trying to put across” (159). Lederer was trying to tell his readers that being organized was helping him get the message that he wanted to get across. Zinsser on the other hand, proves that, “Clutter is the disease of American writing” (174). In this quote it shows that being cluttered and not organized is bad for writing because then the readers will get confused and not read the work anymore. This would also result in people giving bad reviews about their work. Nobody would want someone to rant on them online about how terrible their writings were.

Without William Zinsser and Richard Lederer a lot of college students wouldn’t be able to understand how to become a better writer. Students would need to be focusing on their organization and wording skills. According to them, writing clear sentences and having really well organization in other’s writings is hard work and isn’t easy to achieve. These skills do not come to people overnight, it takes practice and time. It is just like a sport, people would have to do daily exercise to make sure in time that those muscles used will have muscle memory. Instead of using people’s muscles they would be using their brains instead. People would have to constantly use this to get good at something that they truly want to have skills of. People have to work hard.It’s obvious that without organization in the writing people will lose the readers’ fast.

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